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Blockchain Developer Course – Python Js React

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by samiya
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Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Developer Course – Python Js React

Want to add learn software programming, while adding relevant languages/technologies to your portfolio? This course is perfect. According to stackoverflow (2019 developer survey), Python is the fastest-growing major programming language today. React.js is the most loved web framework. And there’s no doubt that blockchains and cryptocurrencies are on the cutting edge of modern technology.

Want to learn Python and/or JavaScript? This course is for all levels. If you’re a newcomer, you’ll get a from-scratch experience. But the course journey is completely in your hands. If you’re more experienced, feel free to skip the introductory sections for Python and JavaScript to get right into building the project.

Course Key Learnings
  • How to build a blockchain and cryptocurrency system from scratch.
  • The fundamentals of python – data structures, object-oriented programming, modules, and more.
  • The ins and outs of hashing and sha256.
  • Encoding and decoding in utf-8.
  • Testing Python applications with pytest.
  • Python virtual environments.
  • The concept of proof of work, and how it pertains to mining blocks.
  • Conversion between hexadecimal to binary.
  • HTTP APIs and requests.

Course Outline

Python Fundamentals

  • Section Preview: Python Fundamentals
  • Set up Python and other Software Installations (Mac, Linux, and Windows)
  • Python Interpreter and Fundamentals
  • Strings and Variables
  • Functions
  • Control Flow: Booleans, Comparison Operators, and If Statements
  • Loops: While and For
  • Data Structures: Lists, Sets, and Dictionaries
  • Overview: Classes and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Code: Classes and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Section Summary: Python Fundamentals

Start The Blockchain Application

  • Course Repository
  • Mining Blocks and the Genesis Block
  • Update add_block and Static Methods
  • The Hashing Algorithm Part 1
  • Hashing and SHA-256
  • Encoding and Decoding in UTF-8 | An Overview
  • The Hashing Algorithm Part 2, and Lambda Functions
  • Section Summary: Start the Blockchain Application

Test The Application

  • Section Preview: Test the Application
  • Virtual Environments, Pip, and Pytest
  • Organize the Application into Package
  • Test the Application
  • Test the Blockchain
  • Section Summary: Test the Application

Proof of Work

  • Section Preview: Proof of Work
  • Proof of Work and the 51% Attack
  • Difficulty and the Nonce Value
  • Dynamic Difficulty and the Mine Rate
  • Test Adjust Difficulty
  • Proof of Work System | Average Work Script
  • Hex to Binary Conversion
  • Test hex_to_binary
  • Section Summary: Proof of Work

Preparing The Blockchain For Collaboration

  • Section Preview: Preparing the Blockchain for Collaboration
  • Chain Validation and Replacement Overview
  • Validate a Block
  • Test is_valid_block
  • Chain Validation
  • Chain Replacement
  • Section Summary: Preparing the Blockchain for Collaboration

The Blockchain Network – Flask API and Pub/Sub

  • Section Preview: The Blockchain Network
  • APIs, HTTP, and Flask Overview
  • Set Up Flask
  • GET the Blockchain Data
  • Respond with the blockchain as JSON
  • Mine Block Request
  • Real-Time Messaging Network through Pub/Sub
  • Set up PubNub
  • PubSub Class
  • Peer Instances
  • Broadcast Blocks
  • Add Received Blocks
  • Synchronize a Peer on Startup
  • Section Summary: The Blockchain Network

The Crypto Currencies: Wallets, Keys, Transactions

  • Section Preview: The Cryptocurrency
  • Wallets, Keys, and Transactions Overview
  • Wallets and Cryptography Module
  • Sign Data
  • Verify Signatures
  • Test the Wallet
  • Transactions
  • Test Transactions
  • Transaction Updates
  • Test Transaction Updates
  • Validate Transactions
  • Section Summary: The Cryptocurrency

Transactions on the Network

  • Section Preview: Transactions on the Network
  • Download Postman
  • Transact Endpoint
  • Serialize the Wallet Public Key
  • Encode the Signature and a Successful POST Transact
  • Transaction Pool: Overview
  • Transaction Pool: Code
  • Broadcast Transactions
  • Transaction Updates in the API and Truthy/Falsy values
  • Section Summary: Transactions on the Network

Connect the Blockchain and Crypto Currencies

  • Section Preview: Connect the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Mine Transactions
  • Test App Script
  • Clear Blockchain Transactions
  • Calculate Wallet Balances: Overview
  • Calculate Wallet Balances: Code
  • Test Calculate Wallet Balance
  • Balance Property and Wallet Info Endpoint
  • Mining Reward
  • Validate Mining Rewards
  • Transaction Chain Validations
  • Test Transaction Chain Validations
  • Check Historic Balances
  • Section Summary: Connect the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The Backend Review and Fronted Preview

  • The Backend Review and Frontend Preview

From Python to JavaScript

  • Section Preview: From Python to JavaScript
  • From Python to JavaScript | Part 1
  • From Python to JavaScript | Part 2
  • Section Summary: From Python to JavaScript

Introduction to Web Development , React, and React Hooks

  • Section Preview: Introduction to Web Development, React, and React Hooks
  • A 7m Introduction to Web Development (and its relationship to React)
  • The Core Concepts of React
  • Install Node.js and Npx
  • Set Up the Application
  • Use State
  • Use Effect
  • The React Runtime and How React Applies Hooks
  • Use State Under the Hood
  • Section Summary: Introduction to Web Development, React, and React Hooks

Frontend Blockchain

  • Section Preview: Frontend Blockchain
  • Wallet Info Display
  • Backend Interlude: Cors
  • Blockchain Component
  • Block Component and Props
  • Transaction Component
  • Toggle the Transaction Data
  • Backend Interlude: Seed the Backend with Data
  • Backend Interlude: Blockchain Pagination Endpoints
  • Paginated Blockchain in the Frontend
  • Section Summary: Frontend Blockchain

Frontend Cryptocurrencies

  • Frontend Cryptocurrency
  • Conduct Transaction Component
  • React Router and History
  • Known addresses: Backend and UI
  • Transaction Pool: Backend and UI
  • Navigate to transaction-pool and Poll Transactions
  • Mine Transactions Frontend

  • You can be new to Python.
  • You can be new to JavaScript.
  • You can be new to blockchains and cryptocurrencies.
  • You can be new to React.
  • If you are a complete beginner to programming, you may find this course fast paced. Everything is explained from scratch. But, there’s a lot of concepts: Python, the blockchain, JavaScript, React, and more. It might help to do a couple introductory programming tutorials first.

skills that you’ll gain from the course:
  • How to build a blockchain and cryptocurrency system from scratch.
  • The fundamentals of python – data structures, object-oriented programming, modules, and more.
  • The ins and outs of hashing and sha256.
  • Encoding and decoding in utf-8.
  • Testing Python applications with pytest.
  • Python virtual environments.
  • The concept of proof of work, and how it pertains to mining blocks.
  • Conversion between hexadecimal to binary.
  • HTTP APIs and requests.
  • How to create APIs with Python Flask.
  • The publish/subscribe pattern to set up networks.
  • When to apply the concepts of serialization and deserialization.
  • Public/private keypairs and generating data signatures.
  • The fundamentals of JavaScript.
  • Frontend web development and how web applications are constructed.
  • The core concepts of React and React hooks.
  • How the React engine works under the hood, and how React applies hooks.
  • CORS – and how to get over the CORS error properly.
  • How to build a pagination system.

Who this course is for:
  • Those looking to add Python, JavaScript, or React to their programming skill set.
  • Rising engineers searching for an interesting project to add to their software portfolio.
  • Entrepreneurs researching the foundation for their next product.
  • Anyone looking for supplementary materials for other Python, JavaScript, blockchain, or general programming courses.
  • Python developers wanting to learn about the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and/or React and JavaScript.
  • Students of any of my previous blockchain courses, who want to leverage their knowledge to learn Python.

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