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Graphics Design & Multimedia Diploma (All-in-One) Course – International Student 🌎

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Price: 80,000
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GD&MM Course

Diploma in Graphics Design & Multimedia (All-in-One) 

(International Students Online Course)

A career in graphic design is open to students of any design-related discipline, including 3D design, communication design, photography, illustration or visual art, but a specific graphic design diploma would be the most useful. This Graphics & Multimedia Diploma Course, covering basics to advanced level of modern multimedia tools – a solid accreditation with Diploma in Graphics and Animation. An ideal course for those willing to make freelancer career in multi-media design and development.

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Course Key Content

Adobe Illustrator C C

Introduction :

  • Understanding the Environment
  • Using the Tools
  • Tool Box Overview
  • Using Context Menu
  • Viewing Artwork

Working With Tools and Palettes :

  • About Paths
  • Changing A Tool Pointer
  • Drawing And Editing Freeform Paths
  • Drawing With The Pen Tool
  • Adjusting Path Segments, Drawing Shapes
  • Drawing Line And Arc Segments
  • Drawing Spirals

Working With Tools a nd Panels:

  • Drawing Grids
  • Working With Symbols
  • Using Symbolism Tools
  • Drawing And Editing Brushed Paths
  • Managing Brushes, Creating Brushes
  • Using The Brush Libraries, Tracing Artwork
  • Illustrator CC

Working With Objects :

  • Correcting Mistakes
  •  Using Rulers, Using Guides And Grids
  • Using Smart Guides, Selecting Objects
  • Saving, Editing, And Loading Selections
  • Moving, Copying, And Deleting Objects
  • Rotating The X And Y Axes, Grouping And Ungrouping Objects
  • Locking And Hiding Objects

Transforming and Distorting Shapes :

  • Transforming Selected Objects
  • Using The Transform Palette
  • Using Warp Effects, Using Envelopes
  • Modifying Shapes With Liquefy Tools
  • Modifying Shapes With Filters & Effects
  • Blending Shapes, Combining Objects Into Complex Shapes
  • About Compound Shapes, Creating Compound Paths
  • Converting Strokes To Filled Objects
  • Cutting Objects, Working With Clipping Masks

Applying Color :

  • Color Modes And Models
  • Working With Swatches
  • Applying Color, Applying Color Using The Toolbox
  • Using The Color Palette, Applying Color By Dragging And Dropping
  • Using The Stroke Palette, Using The Color Picker

Using Transparency, Gradients, and Patterns :

  • About Transparency
  • Specifying Transparency, About Opacity Masks
  • About Gradients, Meshes, And Blends
  • Working With Gradient Fills
  • Creating Multicolored Objects With The Mesh Tool
  • Creating And Working With Patterns
  • Changing Strokes, Gradients, Blends, Patterns, , And Symbols Into Regular Objects

Using Appearance Attributes, Styles, and Effects :

  • About Appearance Attributes, Styles, And Effects
  • Working With Appearance Attributes
  • Using Styles, Using Style Libraries
  • Using Effects

Working With Bitmap Images :

  • About Working With Bitmap Images
  • Changing Vector Graphics Into Bitmap Images
  • Colorizing 1-Bit Images
  • Using Filters And Filter Effects

Adobe Photoshop CC

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop, Environment and Interface:

  • Image Size
  • Width, Height
  • Color Mode, Contents
  • Resolution

Color Management in Photoshop:

  • Foreground / Background Color
  • Color Picker And Custom Colors
  • Selecting Default Colors, Gradient


  • Adjust
    • Levels, Curves, Brightness Contrast
    • Color Balance, Hue Saturation Brightness
    • Variations, Channel Mixer
    • Replace Color, Invert
    • Posterize, Threshold
  •  Mode
    • Bitmap, Gray Scale
    • Index, RGB
    • CMYK

Concept of Layer and Layer Option:

  • Assigning Layer Properties
  • Deleting Layer, Duplicating Layers
  • Arranging And Merging Layers (Layer Menu)
  • Layer Styles

Drawing Tool:

  • Marquee Tools, Lasso Tools
  • Magic Wand, Cropping
  • Brush, Air Spray
  • Rubber Stamp, Type Tool
  • Sharpen , Smudge And Blur
  • Sponge, Dodge , Burn
  • Healing Brush, Patch
  • Zoom, Hand Tool
  • Pen Tool And Its Purpose

Extra Tools:

  • Transformation of Objects
  • Action Palette, Channel Palette
  • Filters

Urdu In -Page 2000

  • Typing In In-Page
  • Text Formatting
  • Text Conversion
    • Export In Vector Format
    • Import In Illustrator
  • Working With Urdu Text In Illustrator

Adobe Premier CC

Introduction to Video Editing:

  • Basic Settings of Sequence, Introduction to key framing
  • Introduction to basic Animation
  • Setting of Sequence Preset
  • How to use Multiple Sequence

Basic Animation on Stills:

  • Introduction to Still files
  • Controlling of multiple Stills
  • Arrangement of Stills, Making short Animation of stills
  • Use of PSD files in Premier Projects

Video and Audio Cutting & Join:

  • How to import Video & Audio files in Sequence
  • How to split or Cut videos and Audios
  • How to join Videos and Audios, Arrangement of Split Videos
  • Slow Motion Videos

Effects or Transition:

  • Introduction to Effects and Transition
  • Apply Effects on Multiple Videos, Apply Transition on Multiple Videos
  • Apply Transition on Multiple Stills
  • Setting of Effects Parameters, Setting of Transition Parameters
  • Key Framing on Effects or Transition
  • How to use Chroma Effect on Videos

Making of Title:

  • How to make Basic Title
  • Advance Setting of Title
  • Still Title, Roll Title
  • Crawl Title, Animation of Title

Render & Export:

  • How to Render full Sequence
  • Basic setting of Render, Export Setting
  • How to make Video file, How to Export Video
  • Finalization

Adobe After Effect CC

Introduction to After Effect:

  • Understanding basic Interface
  • How to make New Project, How to make new Compositing and it’s Setting
  • Concept of Layer in AE, Layer Making and Setting
  • Layer Arrangement


  • Understanding Animation Concept
  • Basic Animation Setting, Animation on Layer
  • Advance Animation Controlling
  • Key Framing Knowledge, Animation from Key Framing Handling
  • Advance Preset Animation, Camera Animation

Masking in AE:

  • Introduction to Masking
  • Masking Parameters, Masking Tools
  • How to use tools of Masking, Multiple Masking Videos Merge
  • Advance Masking Concepts, Masking with pen tool

Effects in AE:

  • Introduction to Effects
  • Effects Setting, Effects Control
  • How to apply Effects on layer
  • Videos Effects Parameters

Camera and 3D:

  • Introduction to 3D, Introduction to Camera
  • How to Make 3D layer, Camera and 3D Setting
  • Apply Camera on 3D, Animation of Camera
  • Advance Camera Setting


  • Introduction to Lighting
  • Apply Lighting on 3D Layer
  • Basic to Advance Setting of Lighting
  • Parallel Lighting, Spot Lighting
  • Point Lighting, Ambient Lighting

Text & Null Object:

  • Introduction to Text Layer
  • Introduction to Null Object, Basic Setting to Text Area
  • Basic Setting of Null Object, Working of Null Object
  • Uses of Null Object

Render & Export:

  • Render Setting, Export Setting
  • How to Render, Advance Export Setting
  • Finalization

Download Software | Animation | Illustration Tools & Tips

Job Interview Preparation  (Questions & Answers)

International Student Fee : 300$

Flexible Class Options

  • Week End Classes For Professionals  SAT | SUN
  • Corporate Group Trainings Available
  • Online Classes – Live Virtual Class (L.V.C), Online Training

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