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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

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NLP Training Course

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Achieving Personal Excellence Using NLP

Suitable for:
– Working Professionals
– Anyone who wants to improve him/herself and excel in life
You will learn how to use and apply NLP to become a better version of yourself, help others improve and excel in both personal and professional lives.
Topics Covered:
– Rapport Building
– Functions of conscious and unconscious mind
– Reframing
– Milton Model
– Meta Model
– Logical Levels Model
– Representational System
– Modalities & Submodalities
– Metaphors
– Hypnosis
– Anchoring
– Powerful and life changing NLP Techniques
– And a lot more..
This 2 days’ workshop will help you:
– get rid of unwanted behaviors & minor addictions (for yourself and others)
– eliminate limiting beliefs (for yourself and others)
– become a highly skilled and master communicator
– overcome fears & develop more confidence
– heal your past and design your future
– achieve your goals and be more successful
– improve relationships with clients, relatives, and others
– become self-motivated
– use powerful language patterns masterfully
– improve your personality traits and mindset in an instance
– And so much more..
What is NLP?
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a really powerful behavioral technology. It describes the structure of how humans think and experience the world, and how they achieve excellence. It covers three of the most influential components that drive the human experience: neurology, language, and programming. NLP  is a tool for developing & modifying behavioral competencies and it can also help people get rid of phobias, limiting beliefs, anxiety, habit disorders, learning disorders etc. NLP gives you greater control over your life and greater influence in your interactions with others.
Duration: 2 days (18 hours, weekend)
About the Trainer: M. Wajeeh Uddin
Master Practitioner of NLP
Productivity Trainer
Peak Performance Coach
Social Entrepreneur
Business Strategist

KEY Benefits

– Corporate: Nominate 4 Person or More Participants Get 20% Group discounts
– Post Training Free Refreshers
– Mentorship on day-to-day business challenges
– Online Training Options Available



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