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Oracle Fusion Technical – Oracle Integration Cloud OIC/ICS

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Oracle Fusion Technical - Oracle Integration Cloud OIC/ICS

Oracle Fusion Technical – Oracle Integration Cloud OIC/ICS

Integration Cloud Service (ICS) is presently a part of the Oracle Integration Cloud program which is a leading integration product in today’s market. It helps in maximizing the return on the cloud investment by permitting cloud and on-premise applications to work together seamlessly. Cloud integration is basically a system including tools and technologies that help connect various applications, repositories, systems, and IT environments thus exchanging real-time data and processes.

What you’ll learn

  • Oracle integration Cloud OIC for Oracle EBS Consultants and fusion consultants
  • Soap Adapter ,Rest Adapter with REST API and SOAP API
  • FTP Adapter – READ an WRITE and MOVE Files and Load file data into Tables
  • Cloud Adapter -FBDI and Interfaces and conversions and Call Back
  • ATP Adapter – INSERT ,UPDATE,DELETE ,MERGE and Calling Procedure and Packaged Procedure
  • Call Bi Report From OIC and Load Data into Custom Tables
  • Stage File action ,Schema File Creation
  • App Driven Integration with Complex JASON Payload
  • Creating Common logger integration
  • For Loop ,While Loop, Fault , Re through Fault in OIC
  • Scope and Exception Handling in OIC
  • Email Notification with HTML body in OIC
  • Web Services Testing using POSTMAN and SOAP UI
  • Working With Attachments in Oracle OIC
  • Call Back In Oracle OIC
  • Business Events in OIC
  • ORDS – Oracle Rest Data Service
  • Content Sever
  • FBDI
  • Call BI Report

Course Content: 

Oracle integration cloud certification course has the following 4 modules in its curriculum:

1. Integration Cloud Service (ICS)
2. Oracle Fusion Technical
3. Advanced Live Integrations with Fusion SaaS- Automation
4. Related Technologies (ADF, SOA, VBCS, PCS)

Course Content:

 Module1: Integration Cloud Service (ICS)

1. Introduction to Cloud and Integrations

  • Overview of Oracle Cloud
  • Introduction to Various Oracle Cloud Offerings (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Overview of Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Architecture of Oracle Fusion Applications
  • SOAP Webservices and WSDL
  • REST Webservices


2. Adapters & Connections

  • Oracle Cloud Adapters
  • Creating Connections
  • Connection Properties (Triggering & Invoking) and Security
  • Configuring SOAP Adapter
  • Configuring REST Adapter
  • Configuring Database Adapter
  • Configuring File Adapter for write
  • Configuring File Adapter for poll read
  • Configuring FTP Adapter for various operations
  • Configuring Oracle ERP Cloud Adapter

3. Integration Patterns Connections

  • Basic Routing
  • App Driven Orchestration
  • Scheduled Orchestration
  • Publish to OIC
  • Subscribe to OIC
  • File Transfer

4. Integration Design Overview

  • Creating Integration
  • Defining Trigger/Source Connection
  • Defining Invoke/Target Connection
  • Data Mapping
  • Tracking Fields
  • Activating & Testing Integrations (Generate WSDL)

5. Integration Mechanisms

  • Expose integrations as SOAP using WSDL
  • Expose integration as REST GET operation
  • Expose integration as REST POST operation
  • REST to SOAP
  • Invoke SOAP Service in integration
  • Invoke REST API in integration
  • Convert from XML to CSV to JSON and vice versa
  • Invoking various Adapters in the Integrations

6. Orchestrations

  • App Driven vs Scheduled Orchestration
  • Creating Orchestration
  • Define Trigger & Invoke Sections
  • Activities Related to Data
  • Assign, Map
  • Using functions in Map
  • Encoding and Decoding Data in Mapping using Advanced functions
  • Stage File for read, write, zip and unzip
  • For-each, While, Switch & Scope
  • Logger, Note, Notification & Wait
  • Invoking Integrations from other Integrations
  • Fault Management – Throw, Rethrow
  • Resubmit error integration instances
  • Creating Schedules – Basic and Advanced
  • Global Variables
  • Data Stitch

7. OIC Local File Server

  • Overview of OIC Local file/ftp server
  • How to enable Local File Server
  • Managing folders and permissions
  • Creating Connection for Local File Server
  • Use Local File Server for read/write operations
  • Managing files using WinSCP/FTP Client for Local File server

8. Project work and Integration Use Cases

  • Invoke SOAP, Map and Expose as SOAP
  • Receive data as SOAP input and Write to FTP
  • Read JSON data from FTP and return as JSON in REST GET operation
  • Read XML data from FTP and return as JSON in REST GET operation
  • Download ZIP from FTP, extract the files and write them to FTP
  • Download ZIP of csv files, extract, convert them to xml, zip xml files and write them to FTP
  • Invoke REST and Expose data as SOAP
  • CSV with multiple records, read and generate XML file for each record
  • Process multiple files (csv) from File System using File Poll Read operation, process and generate XML files on FTP
  • Read multiple files from FTP, process and write them in a different format in File system

9. Data mapping

  • Data Transformations
  • Visual Mapping
  • Source Code of Transformation
  • XPath functions
  • Lookups (Map Code Values)
  • Content Based Routing
  • Define Content Based Routing
  • Adding Filter & Routing Expressions
  • Routing Path & Mapping Data

10. Maintenance of Integrations

  • Packaging Integrations
  • Viewing/Creating/Exporting Packages
  • Versioning Integrations
  • Activation/Deactivation of Integrations
  • Monitoring Integrations, Activity Stream, Agents & Schedules
  • Tracking messages
  • Admin/monitoring REST APIs

Module2: Oracle Fusion Technical

1. Introduction to Fusion Applications

  • Architecture of Fusion Applications
  • Overview and Accessing Fusion Applications UI
  • Fusion Navigator and Tools section
  • Introduction to Setup & Maintenance

2. Inbound Integration to Fusion – FBDI

  • Explore Migration and Inbound Integration methods
  • Inbound Integration with File Based Data Import (FBDI)
  • Understanding FBDI concepts
  • Dealing with FBDI templates and Oracle documentation
  • Preparing the Data using FBDI template
  • Uploading CSV/ZIP files to UCM
  • Scheduling the required jobs to trigger FBDI
  • Monitor the FBDI process
  • Check for errors and cause using Log files

3. Fusion Reporting – OBIEE, BIP, OTBI

  • Understanding of OBIEE
  • Understanding of Modeling in OBIEE
  • Understanding of Subject Areas
  • BIP Reporting
  • Create Datamodel
  • Add input params
  • Create BIP report
  • Configure for different formats
  • Create default template
  • Download Report
  • Schedule BIP Report for output to UCM
  • Schedule BIP Report for output to Email
  • Create custom BIP Job
  • Schedule custom BIP Job using ESS
  • OTBI Reporting
  • Build Analysis
  • Use Sorting of Data
  • Configure pagination
  • Create Filters
  • Create Filters of type Top n
  • Use aggregate functions to group the data
  • Add Bar Graph in Analysis
  • Add Pie Chart in Analysis
  • Create Dashboard Prompts
  • Link Dashboard Prompt to Analysis
  • Build Dashboards
  • Add Dashboard prompts to Dashboard
  • Add multiple analysis to Dashboard
  • Get bookmark link of Dashboard
  • Export data to different formats

4. Oracle Enterprise Scheduler (ESS)

  • Overview of the Schedule Process interface in Fusion Apps
  • Scheduling a job
  • Monitoring the job execution
  • Downloading the log files of processes
  • Managing Enterprise Jobs through setup and maintenance

5. UCM (Oracle Universal Content Management) – File Import and Export

  • Introduction to UCM accounts
  • Searching for files in Content server
  • Publishing BI reports to UCM
  • Publishing Scheduled Job output to UCM

 Module3: Advanced Live Integrations with Fusion SaaS- Automation

1. Report Integration – Fusion Integration using Fusion SOAP services

  • Run report and Extract data of BIP using Report Service
  • Integration for invoking ReportService
  • Invoke ReportService on Fusion SaaS by passing the required inputs
  • Download the report to on-premise file system/FTP
  • Manipulate the report data using xml schema
  • Extract the data and send them to On-premises database
  • Extract the data and send them to FTP server in a separate file for each record
  • Expose as REST to accept Params
  • Send multiple params as input to Datamodel

2. FBDI Automation – Fusion Integration using ERP Cloud Adapter

  • FBDI – End to end Integration using OIC/Orchestration
  • FBDI using Oracle ERP Cloud Adapter
  • Read FBDI input data from FTP
  • Invoke Import Data operation of ERP Cloud Adapter
  • Get status of the Process
  • Wait until the process is completed
  • Download the FBDI Logs
  • Write the logs to FTP folder
  • Repeat the same Automation using ERP Integration Webservice

3. Extract suppliers – Integration Using Fusion REST API

  • Extract all the suppliers from Fusion
  • Extract the suppliers and use various params for filtering
  • Discuss about JSON structure received from Fusion
  • Extract a specific supplier using supplier id as REST template param
  • Discuss about Template Params with the example

4. Create Suppliers I – Fusion Integration using Fusion SOAP

  • Source supplier data from On-premise Database
  • Schedule integration to read the new records from the DB
  • Create supplier records in Fusion
  • Handle Errors with OIC Fault Management
  • Send notification based on Success or Failure
  • Update the status back in On-premise Database

5. Create Suppliers II – Fusion Integration using Fusion SOAP

  • Source supplier data from On-premise file system

6. Create Suppliers III – Fusion Integration using Fusion SOAP

  • Source supplier data from FTP file containing multiple records in csv

 Module4: Related Technologies (ADF, SOA, VBCS, PCS)

1. Oracle ADF

  • Overview of JDevelopler, Weblogic Server
  • Develop HR Emp Search, Edit, View Pages
  • Developing ADF Business Objects (EO, VO, AM)
  • Developing ADF UI
  • Develop Taskflows to navigate from Search to View/Edit
  • Deploy and run ADF application

2. Oracle SOA

  • Overview of Oracle SOA
  • Compare Oracle SOA and OIC
  • Decision making factors between SOA and OIC
  • Develop SOA composite applications
  • Mediator
  • File Adapter
  • DB Adapter
  • SOAP Adapter
  • BPEL Orchestration
  • Deploy and Test SOA Applications
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager (FMW Controller)
  • Weblogic Console

3. Oracle Process Cloud Service (PCS)

  • Overview of PCS
  • Features available in PCS
  • Creating forms in PCS
  • Create Order Approval Application
  • Test Approval Applications
  • Integrating Human Task in PCS
  • Integration Integrations in PCS
  • Managing PCS Applications

4. Oracle Visual Builder Service (VBCS)

  • Overview of VBCS
  • Compare VBCS and ADF
  • Develop HR application (CRUD) using VBCS
  • Develop Business Objects
  • Develop UI
  • Build and Test HR application
  • Build VBCS Application using OIC REST services
  • Retrieve Suppliers list in VBCS using Fusion REST APIs
  • Develop Supplier Details page in VBCS based on Supplier ID
  • Link Supplier List and Supplier Details using REST APIs

Who this course is for:

  • Oracle Apps technical consultants
  • Oracle Fusion Technical (HCM or SCM or Finance)
  • Oracle SOA Developers
  • Oracle Developers

Oracle Job Interview Preparation

International Student Fee: 1000$

Flexible Class Options

  • Week End Classes For Professionals  SAT | SUN
  • Corporate Group Trainings Available
  • Online Classes – Live Virtual Class (L.V.C), Online Training

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