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Supply Chain Management Professional Certificate (SCMP)- Short Course

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supply chain management

Supply Chain Management Professional – (SCMP) Certificate Course

This Supply Chain Management Professional Certificate course has been created to give a head start on the Supply chain and its various components. The basic objective of this course is to introduce you to the Supply Chain key concepts and equip you with the job-oriented supply chain knowledge, that is considered as foundation for a supply chain professional.

Course Key Learning 

  • Basics of Supply Chain Management
  • Components of the supply chain
  • Identify the key drivers of supply chain management,
  • Identify the characteristics of supply chain management,
  • Supply chain strategies of service organizations with their key characteristics,
  • Match supply chain areas with key indicators of their performance.

Course Key Topics

Module 1 – Basics of Supply Chain

This module introduces you to the world of supply chain focusing on its objectives, the every day solutions that it provides and make you feel how you too are a part of supply chain without even realizing it.

  • What is supply chain?
  • What is Global supply chain?
  • Why do we need a global supply chain?

Module 2- Basics Of Demand Management

This module explains you one of the most demanded but less understood facet of supply chain – The demand management. Unblocking the puzzles of demand management would give a competitive advantage over your rivals. A must learn topic if you are serious about a career in SCM.

  • What is demand management?
  • Relationship between supply and demand in the SCM arena
  • Real time examples on Demand Management

Module 3 – Basics Of Manufacturing Processes

This module shows you how manufacturing can be the most crucial part in a supply chain, something which you might not have thought of. After going through this , your views on manufacturing would never be the same again

  • What is manufacturing
  • Key roles of manufacturing
  • Manufacturing companies’ business models
  • Manufacturing environments
  • factors influencing the choice of a particular manufacturing environment
  • Process choices in manufacturing

Module 4 – Basics Of Warehouse management

A simple name with not so simple procedures and guidelines. Warehousing forms the backbone of any manufacturing organization. The more competent your warehouses are in your supply chain, the more equipped your business is for unforeseen events. Something, which no supply chain manager can avoid today.

  • What is warehousing?
  • Why is it needed?
  • Different kinds of warehouses
  • Warehouse management system
  • Why Warehouse management systems are needed?

Module 5- Basics Of Transportation Management

A term that you think you know all about, but as you reach the one-minute mark you would find that, there is more to it than what meets the eye. The concept of transportation is no longer seen as just movement of people and products. It has moved to a different dimension altogether. Time for a reality check!

  • What is transportation?
  • Modes of transportation
  • Mode selection – the deciding factor

Module 6 – Physical Distribution

If you have reached this far and have started to think that now you have a sound understanding about how the global supply chain operates, hold your thoughts right there. Because we are just getting started. Physical distribution shall make you understand how you get something at your door step, which is manufactured thousands of kilometres away. Explore now to find out what you are missing out.

  • What is physical distribution?
  • What is global distribution?
  • Factors influencing the physical distribution system.
  • Types of physical distribution activities.

Module 7 – Basics Of Logistics Management

One of the most searched concepts on Google after supply chain. This module would tell you all the basic things that you must know before heading out to that all-important job interview. Want to know what you are going to be asked by the leading logistics companies of India and the world? Check this out.

  • What is Logistics?
  • Role of logistics professionals.
  • Why logistics has suddenly become so important?
  • Role of logistics in supply chain management

Module 8 –Basics Of Inventory Management

How do you add up to your company’s profits without even being part of the sales and marketing team? Simple! By ensuring that your inventory is moving in the righ direction. Because if it is not. Then your company and career are moving in the wrong direction. A few simple steps can make you the most sought-after employee in your organization. Time to find out – How?

  • What is inventory?
  • Role of inventory in SCM
  • Types of inventory
  • Inventory replenishment
  • Inventory management

Module 9 – Basics Of Procurement Management

Interviewers across companies would like to know how well you understand the supply chain. Therefore, they would grind you where it matters the most on the ground – the concept of procurement. Gone are the days when purchasing was considered the most advanced way of getting the raw materials for your organization. Find out what’s new?

  • What is procurement?
  • Procurement Processes
  • Maintaining relationships with Suppliers

Module 10 – Integrated supply chain

This is one of the most crucial section of our learning program. Joining all the pieces together and understanding how the concepts work together is an important thing and you would learn how an integrated supply chain works. This topic can throw some big-time surprises for you when it comes to the functioning of the supply chain.

  • What is an integrated supply chain?
  • Logistics Vs Supply Chain – The difference
  • The big picture of supply chain.

Course Requirements : No special requirements. General knowledge about operations management will help.

Who can be Benefited from Course?

  • Freshers – This course has been designed for freshers who have just cleared their exams and are looking for a head start in Supply chain jobs
  • Mid-Career shift – People looking to join the logistics and supply chain bandwagon where 1.5 million jobs are there in 2018 itself
  • Sabbatical Guys – have just come back from a short-term break. You are in for a pleasant surprise.
  • Anyone in for Supply Chain Management Knowledge – Anyone who needs a guide on supply chain jobs across India. Right from experienced people to Housewife’s- This is for everyone.

Flexible Class Options

  • Corporate Group Training
  • Week End Classes For Professionals  SAT | SUN
  • Online Classes – Live Virtual Class (L.V.C), Online Training

KEY Benefits
  • Corporate: Nominate 4 Person or More Participants Get 20% Group discounts
  • Post Training Free Refreshers
  • Online Training Options Available



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Supply Chain Management Professional Certificate (SCMP) Workshop - Short Course Karachi Pakistan Dubai

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