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Odoo ERP/CRM Cloud Application for Small Business


OMNI Academy & Consulting a leading Odoo ERP Training Implementation and Odoo customization company operating from Karachi and Islamabad Pakistan. We encompasses on the planning, development, implementation, and application of existing and new technologies and systems that provide for the process of collecting, storing, and organizing information for its future retrieval, exchange, use, and delivery. Knowing and understanding a customers unique needs and being able to fulfil them not just to their satisfaction but also often beyond expectation is the hallmark of a customer-centric organization. Our team designed a Custom ERP Application designed with strong and flexible architecture for small and medium business in Pakistan and GCC region, primarily focused on strong financial reporting, purchasing, sales and receivables, POS, human capital management and various areas of business operations with the power to support your growth ambitions. Our customers experienced the visible changes in reducing costs, sales growth, streamlining processes, supply chain management and improving operational efficiencies by using OMNIERP automation & KPI monitoring capabilities.

With proven implementation tools and an intuitive user experience, the OMNIERP, an agile ERP system can be up-and-running quickly-in the cloud (Omni AWS Cloud) or on your servers within your data-centers (On-premise).

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  • Increases overall performance
  • Automation enhances cross departments productivity
  • Integration across all business processes
  • Quality reports and performance analysis
  • Flexible deployment options – cloud and client server
  • ARABIC and VAT features for GCC Customers
  • Flexible Pricing Models, per-user and monthly cloud subscriptions



Solution Summary

Odoo ERP is an enterprise application software that keeps all your operational, financial and other data necessary for your business stored as a centralized and customizable database. Implement Odoo software to your businesses and nurture your companies growth.
Odoo Cloud software – a truly global solution with affordable cost we always being up-to-date with local rules and regulations with regional languages support including ARABIC and ENGLISH. Odoo ERP fully complaint UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC VAT (Value Added Tax) regulations that are applied to all business transactions.

Odoo ERP solution is ideal for small and medium size customers looking for a single ERP Solution to manage their Finance, Sales, Supply chain and Human Capital along with Real-time report and dashboards to get complete visibility and control over day-to-day operations.   Our existing customers can easily upgrade their older (on-premise) version of OMNIERP to Cloud option – Omni AWS cloud servers.


  • Financials Management
  • Sales and Receivables
  • Point of Sales (POS)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing
  • HR and Payroll
  • Reports & Dashboards – over 100+ reports in the system including
    • Real-time Executive Dashboards
    • Document Reports
    • Accounting reports
    • Analytical reports
    • KPI’s


We have established Delivery Center to assist our clients and our project teams to gain onsite and offsite implementation, development and support services. We have a wide range of subject matter and techno functional resources to provide a very high value for money for the customers in the area of Networks, Security, Oracle, Microsoft and open source development / administration / implementation / support. As we are working with International companies through this Shared Services Center, so we have also developed multiple levels of connectivity, power, physical and information security systems to ensure secure and repeatable service.

  • Telephone
    • To a dedicated support representative
  • Email
    • To a dedicated support representative.
  • Our Support Portal
    • Logging a technical assistance request to our dedicated support website. Our support staff tracks the website and then work on it to resolve the problem.


OMNIERP has a flexible accounting structure with data recording and reporting at Branch, Cost Center, Account and Sub-Account. An ideal solution for small and medium companies to manage their day-to-day financial operations:


  • Audit Control at all levels
  • Multiple Legal Entities
  • 5 level – chart of accounts for each legal entity
  • Multicurrency
  • Multiple Branches / Locations
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Multiple Cost Centers
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Data Security at Organization and Location Level
  • Multiple Users (no limitation on user creation)
  • Multiple Item categories
  • Multiple Unit of Measures
  • Multiple Items with Barcode and many other characteristics
  • Pricing enabled on both items and its variants like size, color, style, etc
  • Create Pricelists and associate them with Suppliers and Customers, enabling to have separate pricing. Price lists can also help you to enable date-based discount offers
  • Configure Min-Max Planning
  • Tax Management including VAT, Withholding and Withholding on VAT

Cash and Bank Management

  • Cash and Bank Accounts Maintenance
  • Bank Accounts Transfer
  • Payable Document Control
  • Maintenance of Bank Statements
  • Reconciliation of Bank Statements with Payments and Receipts

Assets Management 

  • Creation and Maintenance of Assets
  • Assets Depreciation Process
  • Automatically create accounting entries


  • Sale Quotations
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Sales Order (Local / Export)
  • Packing List
  • Inspections
  • Sale Dispatches / Returns
  • Gate Passes
  • Customer Receivable Invoices / Credit Memos including Tax Handling
    • Sales Tax Invoices and Commercial Invoices
  • Customer Receipts and Advances including Tax Handling
  • Petty Receipts
  • Automatically create accounting entries
  • Configurable Approval Hierarchies

Point of Sales (POS) System 

  • Different POS Layouts
    • Restaurant
    • Pharmacy
    • Bar Code Enabled Stores
  • Quick Purchases enabled in POS
  • Day End Process with Cash Reconciliation
  • Seamlessly integrated with Back Office
  • All functions of back office are also available for POS clients
  • Restaurant
    • Kitchen Dashboard
    • Delivery Dashboard
    • Customer Feedbacks
    • Payment Processing


  • Maintain Employees
  • Maintain Employee Roles with history
  • Maintain Salary Components
  • Maintain Eligibility Criteria and Rate of Salary Components based on Location, Grade, Designation and Legal Entity
  • Automatic Employee Tax Calculations
  • Maintain leave types and available leave balances for each employee
  • Maintain Attendance (Can be integrated with supported machines)
  • Period based control on Payroll
  • Simulate Payroll, finalize it and freezing it.
  • Automatic posting of accounting entries to central accounting module.

Inventory / Material Management

  • Purchase Receipt and Returns
  • Sale Dispatches and Returns
  • Miscellaneous Inventory In and Out
  • Inventory Item Movements / Transfers
  • Inventory Quantity Adjustment
  • Costing based on Weighted Average


Project Management Methodology that will be used to ensure the delivery of the system is Oracle Project Management Method (PJM).

Oracle PJM is Oracle Method’s standard approach to project management for information technology projects. The goal of PJM is to provide a framework in which all types of information technology (IT) projects can be planned, estimated, controlled, and completed in a consistent manner. This consistency is necessary in an environment where projects use a variety of methods, tools, and approaches to satisfy business needs.

IT projects are characterized by a high degree of uncertainty. Information technology is a young, evolving engineering discipline that uses rapidly changing tools and techniques.

PJM addresses the unique management demands of IT projects. It focuses on the additional discipline needed to ensure that client expectations are clearly defined at the outset of the project and remain visible throughout the project life-cycle. PJM also formalizes control mechanisms to help the project team share critical project information and coordinate with external stakeholders.

PJM is designed to support a variety of types of project work. Although it has been developed for moderate to large-scale projects, PJM is also applicable to smaller efforts as well. The PJM approach can be tailored to project work performed by teams, work packages, sub-projects, pilots, and even programs.

Processes in PJM

The overall organization of PJM is expressed as a process-based methodology, which can be tailored to a project’s specific needs.

A process is a cohesive set or thread of related tasks that meet a particular project objective. A process results in one or more key deliverables and outputs. Each process is also a discipline that involves the use of similar skills.

The five management processes are:

  • Control and Reporting
  • Work Management
  • Resource Management
  • Quality Management
  • Configuration Management

Collectively, they form a complete set of all tasks required to manage an IT project. Every project involves most, if not all, of these processes, whether they are the responsibility of a consulting organization, a client organization, or a third party. The processes overlap in time with each other, and they are interrelated through common deliverables and outputs.

Control and Reporting

This process contains tasks that help you confirm the scope and approach of the project, manage change, and control risks. It contains guides for you to manage your project plans and report project status.

Work Management

The Work Management process contains tasks that help you define, monitor, and direct all work performed on the project. This process also helps you maintain a financial view of the project.

Resource Management

This process provides you with guidance on achieving the right level of staffing and skills on the project and on implementing an infrastructure to support the project.

Quality Management

The Quality Management process directs you to implement quality measures to ensure that the project meets the client’s purpose and expectations throughout the project life cycle.

Configuration Management

This process contains tasks that help you store, organize, track, and control all items produced by and delivered to the project. The Configuration Management process also calls for you to provide a single location from which all project deliverables are released.

We ensure on-time and within budget implementation for our most valuable customer.

ERP Consulting Domain Expert 

  • Vast Experience in Enterprise scale ERP projects implementation as Oracle Gold Partner
  • Project Tracking and Progress Reporting for Project Sponsors and Steering Committee
  • Global Experience Consultant
  • Implementation under Project Management Methodology and Control
  • On-Time and With-in Budget Implementation
  • Complete Understanding on GCC Customers Needs
  • Happy clients
  • FREE Post Go-Live 1 Month Support
  • Business users empower with Omni strong train-the-trainer methodology, to ensure implementation success
  • 500+ ERP trained and Oracle ERP Certified resources



Why Odoo ERP

Are you in process of re-evaluating your existing ERP application or looking to replace your existing spreadsheets, it’s important to focus on an ERP application that has a strong process of foundation that can support your unique requirements with minimal customization, within budget and on-time implementation supported by multi-language options.

  • Scalable and Flexible
  • Cloud Products
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • User Friendly Experience
  • Customized Apps

    • The most compelling reason to move to cloud ERP is business transformation. For example, some cloud ERP users have reported that they can easily scale their businesses, and experiment with innovative business models, due to the flexible capabilities of their software.
    • Is Cloud ERP Right for You? research found that organizations with cloud ERP stayed within their budget as compared to 12% over budget for those with an on-premise solution.
    • Also, organizations with cloud ERP achieved ROI within 24 months as compared to 31 months for on-premise users.
    • However, cost savings are just one of the reasons organizations may consider a cloud ERP solution.

    Business Drivers for Cloud Decisions

    cloud impact
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