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Mastering Python – Machine Learning Training Course

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Mastering python course

Mastering Python  for Machine Learning Course

Python is an interpreted high-level programming language for anyone want to use only Python in designing any Machine Learning project. Machine learning, in layman terms, is to use the data to make a machine make intelligent decision

Python, The best programming language is the one you know. Python is a simple, easy to read and high level programming language. … Python is also an Object Oriented Language and also open source language but it has an added advantage that is it is also a scripting language and it is easy to write.

Python Mastering Course 

This Python mastering course helps you to learn how to write Python code. The Python Mega Course is a carefully designed course where you will learn how to build real life applications in Python. The course is designed for all student levels (step-by-step learning basic to mastering level course).

About Course

This course helps you to learn how to write Python code. The Python Course is a carefully designed course where you will learn how to build real life applications in Python. The course is designed for all student levels. The first 5% of the course teaches Python basics for beginners and can serve as a refresher crash course for post-beginner students.

After completing the first 5%, you will be guided in building real life applications written in Python in a wide range of areas that include:

-Web applications
-Database applications
-Web scraping
-Web mapping
-Data analysis
-Interactive web visualization

By the end of the course you will have built useful Python applications in the above areas.

Course Content

Python Basics
-Math Operators
-Built-in functions
-List Indexing and Slicing
-List Methods
-User Input
-Custom Functions
-Working with Files
-Processing the content of a file

-For Loop
-While Loop
-String Formatting
-Modules, Libraries and Packages
-Installing Python Packages
-Working with Date and Time objects
-The “with” Contect Manager

Dealing with Programming Errors
-Syntax Errors
-Runtime Errors
-Exception Handling in Python

Data Analysis with Pandas
-Getting Started with Pandas
-Loading Data in Python from CSV, Excel, TXT and JSON Files
-Indexing and Slicing Dataframes
-Dropping Dataframe Columns and Rows
-Updating and Adding new Columns and Rows

Building website with Python and Flask
-What is Flask
-Building your first website
-Returning HTML Templates
-Adding Navigation Menu
-Adding CSS Styling
-Creating Python Virtual Environment
-Deploying website to a Live Server

Building Graphical User Interfaces with Tkinter
-Introduction to Tkinter
-Setting up a GUI with Widgets
-Connecting GUI Widgets with Callback

Python interaction with SQLite and PostgreSQL Databases
-Connecting and Inserting data to SQLite
-Selecting, Inserting, Deleting and updating records
-Introduction to PostgreSQL
-Connecting, Selecting, Inserting, Dealing and updating PostgreSQL Records

Python for Interactive Data Visualization on browser
-Introduction to Bokeh
-Installing Bokeh
-Creating your first Bokeh Plot
-Using Bokeh with Pandas

  • Experienced & Accredited Trainers
  • Accredited Training Material
  • FREE Practice Examinations
  • Excellent first attempt pass ratio

FREE Practice Exam

  • Industry best Practice exams would be provided to students FREE of charges to ensure exam success

Flexible Class Options

  • Evening Classes | Workshops | Fast-Track  BootCamp
  • Week End SUNDAY Classes For Professionals
  • Online Classes – Live Virtual Class (L.V.C), Online Training


250$ – 700 SAR – 700 AED

Practice Exam

Practice examinations are part of the training session


To be awarded the Certificate in Mastering Python, participants will be required to successfully complete project work (100%).


Omni Academy a Federal Government – Skill Development Council Partner Training Institute Diploma Certificate would be awarded to successful students.

  • Specialist Diploma Big Data Analytics Course with Machine Learning

  • Data Sciences Specialization

  • Web Application Development with PHP

  • PHP Specialist (PHP & MySQL Course)

  • Oracle Business Intelligence - BI Analytics

Accredited Training Material

Online Classes For Out of City/ Country Students

High Exam Pass Rate

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Machine Learning Practical Use Cases

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Mastering in Python, Best Python Training step by step learning from basic to mastering.

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