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SAP FI Course

SAP Financials – FI Training 

Omni Academy SAP Financial Accounting introduction program gives you a hands-on training which will help you to develop your expertise with SAP FI tips & tricks, learn exactly which functions and features are used in day-to-day business world get help from our certified SAP expert within the course. Course methodology will explains and demonstrates each important function of FICO module using SAP live server, lab-work, and practical theory.  You do NOT need to have any previous experience with SAP as instructor will take you through from Beginner or Basic and make you highly comfortable with inner workings of SAP to increase you proficiency.


SAP Course Key features


Adopt SAP consultancy as career?

If yes than you’re making a wise choice – SAP is the place to be. Interesting work, good money, amazing opportunities, great community.  Here’s some key steps about selecting SAP as Career:

  • Build up experience in your chosen field (Finance, Supply chain or HR)
  • Do some SAP training (grasp the basics of SAP ERP Application)
  • Apply for your related industry job (finance, supply chain or HR) in large organizations that you know are running SAP; in the interview tell them how interested you are in SAP, and that you’ve taken independent training
  • Once employed, work your way into the SAP group by making your interest clear.


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About Course


    Course Key Modules 

    Module-1 SAP FI – General Ledger Accounting
    Module-2 SAP FI – Accounts Payable Accounting Contents
    Module-3 SAP FI – Accounts Receivable Accounting
    Module-4 SAP FI – Cash & Bank
    Module-5 SAP FI – Asset Accounting

    The Most Sensible Sequence is: 




    Learning Overview 

    • Learn SAP ERP Certification Exam Pattern
    • Understand How Sap Financial Accounting Works
    • Master The Basics Of Sap Financial Accounting
    • Learn About Important Financial Accounting Terms
    • The Importance Of The General Ledger And Learn About Key Features
    • Learn About Sub-Ledgers, Accounts Receivable/Payable, Asset Accounting
    • Overview Of How The Finance Module Integrates With Other Sap Modules
    • Recognize The Organizational Elements Of R/3 And Describe The Basic Settings
    • Be Able To Classify And Reconcile R/3 Documents With The Original Documents
    • Learn About Opening And Closing Posting Periods
    • Assign Posting Authorizations To Users
    • SAP Certification Exam Tips
    • SAP Certification Exam Practices Test Simulations Questions

    SAP Job Market

    SAP Job Interview Questions  

    SAP Course Useful Links 

    📖 SAP Certified Application Associate Free Exam Practise Test

    🎥 Your FREE eLEARNING Courses (Click Here)

    SAP Job Opportunities in Companies

    Engro Group
    Shan Food Industries
    Paskitan State Oil – PSO
    Dewan Group
    Lucky Cement
    Pavilion End Cloud
    Atlast Group


    SAP Course Useful Links 

    SAP Certification FEE – Blog
    SAP Certification Training – SAP Official 
    SAP Certification Details – SAP Official

    Module-1 SAP FI-General Ledger Accounting


    1. Overview of the following
      • Company Code
      • Controlling Area
      • Chart of Account
      • Chart of Depreciation
      • Document & Document Types
      • Reconciliation Accounts in SAP
      • Open Item Management in SAP
      • Special GL Transactions
      • Noted Items in SAP
      • Posting Key
      • Cost Centers & Profit Centers
      • Posting Periods & Field Status Variant
      • Payment Terms & Cash Discount
      • Tolerance Group
    2. Prerequisites
      • Master data of General Ledger Accounting
      • Creation of Cost Centers
      • Creation of Profit Centers
    3. Parking & Posting of General Ledger Account Documents
    4. Displaying a Parked & Posted Document
    5. Displaying & Changing General Ledger Account Document
    6. Posting of a Parked Document
    7. Deleting a Parked Document
    8. Reversal of a General Ledger Account Document
    9. Creating a General Ledger Recurring Document
    10. Displaying a Recurring Document
    11. Executing a Recurring General Ledger Account Document

    Tasks to be done by Students:

    1. Create a New General Ledger Account in Chart of Account
    2. Create a New Profit Center
    3. Create a New Cost Center
    4. Park a General Ledger Account Document
    5. Display Ledger of General Ledger Account
    6. Display Parked Documents
    7. Post a Parked Document
    8. Reverse a General Ledger Account
    9. Carry out Recurring Entries in General Ledger.

     Module-2 SAP FI – Accounts Payable Accounting Contents

    • Overview of Accounts Payable
    • Creating a Vendor Master Record
    • Change Vendor Master Record
    • Create Cheque Lots for House Bank
    • Posting Vendor Down Payment Request
    • Posting Vendor Down Payment
    • Posting Vendor Invoices
    • Down Payment Clearing
    • Posting Vendor Credit Memo
    • Posting Manual Outgoing Payments Through Cheque & Transfer
    • Automatic Payment Program
    • Making Partial Payments to Vendors
    • Vendor Account Clearing
    • Displaying Vendor Balance Report

     Tasks to be done by Students:

    1. Create a New Vendor
    2. Post Down Payment Request
    3. Post Down Payment
    4. Post Vendor Invoice
    5. Clear Vendor Down Payment
    6. Post Vendor Credit Memo
    7. Process Manual Outgoing Payments Through Cheque & Transfer
    8. Run Vendor Balance Report
    9. Pay through Automatic Payment Program
    10. Clear Vendor Account
    11. Display Vendor Balances


    Module-3 SAP FI – Accounts Receivable Accounting


    • Overview of Account Receivable Accounting
    • Creating a Customer Master Record
    • Change Customer Master Record
    • Posting Customer Down Payment Request
    • Posting Customer Down Payment
    • Posting Customer Invoices
    • Down Payment Clearing
    • Posting Customer Credit Memo
    • Posting Incoming Payments
    • Receiving Partial Payments from Customers
    • Customer Account Clearing
    • Displaying Customer Balance Report

     Tasks to be done by Students:

    1. Create a Customer
    2. Post Customer Down Payment Request
    3. Post Customer Down Payment
    4. Post Customer Invoice
    5. Adjust Invoice against Down Payment Received
    6. Post Customer Credit Memo
    7. Clear Customer Account
    8. Display Customer Balances

     Module-4  SAP FI – Cash & Bank


    • Overview of Cash Journal
    • Bank Key Master Data
    • House Bank Master Data
    • Cash Withdrawal from Bank
    • Payment For Cash Expenses
    • Advance Paid on Cash
    • Overview of Banks in SAP
    • Bank to Bank Transfer
    • Bank Reconciliation

    Tasks to be done by Students:

    1. Post Cash Receipt Transaction in Cash Journal
    2. Post Cash Expenses Transactions in Cash Journal
    3. Prepare Bank Reconciliation in Excel Sheet & Enter it in SAP.
    4. Execute Bank Reconciliation


    Module-5  SAP FI-Asset Accounting


    • Overview of Asset Accounting
    • Asset Master Data Maintenance
    • Sub Asset Maintenance
    • Acquisition of Assets
    • Retirement of Assets With Customer
    • Retirement of Assets Without Customer
    • Retirement of Assets Due to Scrapping
    • Transfer of Assets
    • Settlement of CWIP
    • Reversing an Asset Document
    • Depreciation Run
    • Asset Report/ Asset Explorer


    Tasks to be done by students:

    1. Create Asset
    2. Acquire Asset through Vendor
    3. Retire Asset to Customer
    4. Retire Asset Without Customer
    5. Run Asset Explorer
    6. Create a CWIP Asset
    7. Acquire CWIP Asset
    8. Retire an Asset Due to Scrapping
    9. Reverse an Asset Document
    10. Run Depreciation at the end.

    Best Industry Focused Training & Certification Combination 

    • Experienced & Accredited SAP Trainers
    • Accredited Training Material
    • Includes SAP documentation manual
    • Two FREE practice examinations
    • Excellent first attempt pass ratio

    FREE Practice Exam

    • Over 300 questions practice exams would be provided to students FREE of charges to ensure exam success

    Training Valuables 

    • Instructor Lead Training
    • SAP Accredited Training Documentation
    • Get a FREE Practice Exam Questions

    Flexible Class Options

    • Evening Classes | Workshops | Fast-Track
    • Week End Classes For Professionals | SUNDAY Class
    • Online Classes – Live Virtual Class (L.V.C), Online Training


    • SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany, SAP software and SAP GUI are proprietary SAP software. You can officially get SAP Access to practice on SAP system from SAP’s website (Please google “SAP LIVE Access” or “External Virtual Desktop“)

    Guaranteed! This is ‘the’ easiest way to learn and get up to speed with SAP Finance.

    Whether you are a new SAP user, Business Analyst, Project Manager or a C-Level executive, this course is designed to be your guide and introduction to SAP Financial Accounting systems.

    Who is the Target Audience?
    • Graduates who have basic understanding of finance and financial terminology & want to learn FICO.
    • SAP Functional Consultants who need a fundamental understanding of FI.
    • SAP Technical Consultants and Developers who need a fundamental understanding of FI


    300 USD | 1,000 AED | 1,000 SAR


    Get a FREE Practice Exam with 400+ questions to ensure your success !


    Omni Academy a Federal Government – Skill Development Council authorized Training Institute Certificate would be awarded to successful students.


    • SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and many other countries.
    • SAP software and SAP GUI are proprietary SAP software.
    • You can officially get SAP Access to practice on SAP system from SAP’s website (Please google “SAP LIVE Access” or “External Virtual Desktop“)


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