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Advanced Web Development Course with PHP & MySQL- 2 Months

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2 Months
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Web Course

Advanced Web Development (2 Months | Fast-Track)

Advanced Web Development (with PHP, MySQL and WordPress) course provides participants an opportunity to build a Great Career in web  and eCommerce web application development world, a best web development program to learn web development (all-in-one), course start from basic level and moved toward advanced tools and techniques of web development. Program is covering HTML5, CSS, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, eCommerce Shopping Cart, working with WordPress Website Themes, Website Design Concepts and common tasks need for deployment and administration of a website, see details of outline below. (online classes available)

Industry best Project based web development course, step-by-step learning from basic to advanced level !

Why Web Development Course ?

Omni Academy provide best and most complete range of Web Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing(SMM) programs portfolio @ most affordable fee with Govt. recognized accreditation, specially designed to meet emerging eCommerce and digital market demand for high-quality professionals having expertise and sound understanding with all keys web development skills and tools.

Advanced Web Development course provides hands-on practical experience and training along with internship opportunity to give you experience with real-world projects. Internship is included and gives you 2-months of real experience in your area of study. You’ll be able to apply the skills learned in class and put valuable experience on your resume.

Web Development Courses

Course starts with the basic concepts of website design and development, with overview of WordPress, eCommerce , PHP, MySQL database and modern industry concepts – includes mostly used web development applications and design tips & techniques to make you a true professional.

Omni Academy offer best web application development course to learn, WordPress, PHP and MySQL (all-in-one). An ideal course to develop your skills from basic to professional web developer level.

Website Design using WordPress

Module-1  Understanding Web Development Concepts (WordPress)

  • Introduction to Website Design
  • Learning HTML 5 – Web page development
  • Bootstrap – Learning Responsive UI
  • Using WordPress – World #1 CMS Solution
  • Design Your 1st WordPress Website
  • Working with WordPress – Forms, Menu, Creating Pages
  • Using WordPress Design Themes
  • How to Modify WordPress Themes
  • Capturing Leads – Build Contact Forms

Module-2 PHP with MySQL Course Content:

PHP is a general-purpose Programming language that has seen its greatest use in web design and development. In this course, you would learn how to use PHP basically in the aspect of web design and Web Development, Web Application Development with PHP Course will enable you to learn the basics and the fundamental concepts along with the practical implementation of each one of them. The major part of the course covers creating an application that explains designing websites using PHP.

PHP Course Summary 

  • Create systems by which data can be stored and retrieved in a MySQL database
  • Interact with eCommerce systems facilitating sales, credit card processing and shipping all over the world
  • Create complex content and customer management systems customized for industry use.
  • Create plugins and customizations for the most the most popular content management systems in the world– WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla (all of which are written in PHP!)

Module-2.1 : Introduction to PHP and MySQL

  • Set up a PHP Web Server
  • Integrate PHP with HTML code
  • Call PHP Pages from HTML
  • Setup MySQL database
  • Connecting PHP Application with MySQL
  • Learning MySQL Database Management for PHP Application
  • Introduction to WordPress (Installation)
  • Working with WordPress Themes
  • Configuring website using WordPress

Module-2.2 : PHP programming  

  • Use the echo() and print() functions
  • Integrate HTML with echo() and print() functions
  • Declare and use constants
  • Declare and initialize PHP variables
  • Understand the type of values held in PHP variables
  • Use arithmetic operators to perform math functions
  • Use comparison operators to make logical comparisons
  • Understand basic if statement
  • Create complex if statements which facilitate multiple outcomes
  • Use the PHP switch statement
  • Work with while loops.
  • Identify when a do…while loop is appropriate and use it
  • Code a for loop
  • Create simple arrays
  • Use a for…each statement to loop through an array
  • Create associative arrays
  • Understand and use multidimensional arrays
  • Identify and use the superglobal arrays included in PHP
  • Use string functions to manipulate strings

Module-2.3 : PHP programming (advanced using MySQL Database) 

  • Convert strings to arrays and vice-versa
  • Use hashes and encryption to enhance application security
  • Write simple functions
  • Write functions that take arguments and return a value
  • Read and write text files to the server
  • Read, write and parse CSV files
  • Set, read and delete cookies
  • Create sessions
  • Pass session variables between PHP pages
  • Expire sessions as required
  • Send plain text and HTML emails using PHP
  • Use a database to create a complete CRUD app
  • Store data in the MySQL database
  • Retrieve data from the MySQL database
  • Modify and delete MySQL database data

Module-3.0 Creating eCommerce shopping cart (using PHP and MySQL database) 

  • eCommerce Shopping Cart introduction
  • Design the Shopping Cart
  • Add to cart functionality
  • Create four shopping cart items (your products)
  • Using the bootstrap card
  • Display information about the shopping cart products.
  • Create header- display how many cart items are there in the cart.
  • Add products in the cart
  • Shopping bucket
  • Shopping cart items with their price
  • Setup Shopping Cart Number of products and its total payable amount.
  • Update Cart : remove this product from the shopping cart list
  • Total payable amount
  • Check Duplicate Products: Create validation message Product is already added in the cart!
  • Project (eCommerce Website Shopping Cart)

Web Development Internship Opportunity 

After completion of Web Development Course top students would be offered to join Web Development Internship program to get the exposure to corporate business requirements and quick career start.

International Student Fee : 200 USD

Flexible Class Options

  • Week End Classes For Professionals  SAT | SUN
  • Corporate Group Trainings Available
  • Online Classes – Live Virtual Class (L.V.C), Online Training

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