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Specialist Diploma Big Data Analytics Course with Machine Learning

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BD with ML Course

Specialist Diploma in Big Data Analytics with Machine Learning

“Start your #BIG_Career in Big Data Sciences”

Data Science and Artificial intelligence have transformed the world completely. Organizations around the world are leveraging artificial intelligence to avoid repetitive tasks and improve customer experience. Robots are taking on the world by storm and are continuously building intelligence comparable to human brains. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the highest-paying jobs in the world. As per a recent estimate, more than 90% of the companies will use artificial intelligence in one way or the other to build or enhance their products and services. These companies are looking for people who are skilled in data science and AI. Unfortunately, the industry is facing an acute shortage of highly skilled people to fill the void. Therefore, OMNI ACADEMY Designed a Diploma in Big Data Analytics with Machine Learning Course – Online Classes Available.

This Big Data Specialist Diploma program provides you with a practical understanding of big data analytics and emerging technologies like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, IoT and Data Visualization. You will gain the essential skills and confidence required to apply knowledge and understanding of issues surrounding big data analytics in a range of contexts. There is the opportunity to develop a critical understanding of visualization concepts and emerging technologies, as well as to develop and evaluate new or advanced bespoke solutions for making sense of big and/or complex data (Read more about Big Data).

Program Key Learning  [ 5 Courses to make you a Big Data domain true expert ]

  1. BD-01   Big Data Analytics Foundation with Python
  2. BD-02   Machine Learning with Python- (Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Machine Learning– Apache Spark)
  3. BD-03   Microsoft Power BI and Big Data Visualization
  4. BD-04   Introduction to NoSQL Database
  5. BD-05   Big Data Technologies Infrastructure Design
  • Final Project (Big Data Machine Learning Industry implementation use case)

The Big Data Diploma program enables you concentrate on a specific practical area within data sciences, machine learning, natural language processing, data visualization analytics and big data technologies infrastructure design.

Big Data Course Overview

Diploma Big Data Course Objectives 

After completing Specialist Diploma in Big Data Analytics students should;

  • Develop practical data science skills that can be applied across industries
  • Understanding Machine Learning using Python
  • Understanding Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning
  • Gain a critical understanding of new technologies derived from current research and industry practices;
  • Develop practical skills using the latest data visualization tools.

Diploma Big Data (Module-I)

COURSE BD-01  Big Data Analytics Foundation 

Understand Big Data Background, History and Evolution of Big Data Analytics, Tools, Infrastructures and Technologies. Case studies on how Big Data Analytics has helped solve some of the more concrete real-world problems with enhanced insights into clients’ big data lakes.

Key Learning

  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Storing Big Data
  • Processing Big Data
  • Tools and Techniques to Analyse Big Data
  • Developing a Big Data Strategy
  • Implementing a Big Data Solution

COURSE BD-02   Machine Learning – with Python Course

Basic Concepts, History and Evolution of Machine Learning for Big Data as a business application domain. Use cases in different business industries for both small and big data. A review of Machine Learning techniques and algorithms and their interpretation from a business perspective. Theoretical and Practical Exposure of Cluster Analysis and Support Vector Machines.

KEY Learning 

  • Python Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas
  • Python Data Visualization – Matplotlib and Pandas
  • Math of Machine Learning – Probability, Regression, Vectors, Matrices, Baysian, K Nearest etc
  • Machine Learning with Python – Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning and Train / Test
  • Data Mining, Big Data with Machine Leaning – Apache Spark
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning.
  • Project – Develop Product Recommender System in Python

COURSE BD-03  Microsoft Power BI and Data Visualization Course

Course enable your business transformation to the cloud with an Microsoft BI Analytics and Data Visualization. Covers all-digital solution for BI analysts, data scientists and administrators seeking to develop skills with Data Analytics.

  • Learn to use Power BI (Business Intelligence) to create in-depth data analysis, highly visual reports and dashboards that can easily be shared with business users.
  • Get an understanding of how the data analysis reports and dashboards can interact with each other and the great level of interactivity the audience can use to drill, filter, and sort the reports.
  • Data Visualization
  • Industry Use Cases
  • Hands-On Labs: Practice with hands-on labs

Diploma Big Data (Module-II)

COURSE BD-04  Introduction to NoSQL Database  

NoSQL (Non-SQL) databases are increasing in popularity due to the growth of data as they can store non-relational data on a super large scale, and can solve problems regular databases can’t handle.

This course will teach you technical hands-on knowledge of NoSQL  databases. We will Use the MongoDB NoSQL database as an example to learn how to create and replicate databases, load and query data, and other operations.

KEY Learning 

  • What is NoSQL?
  • Categories of NoSQL databases
  • Installing MongoDB
  • Storing data
  • Nesting document data
  • Specifying search criteria
  • Reducing data via reduce function
  • Attaching and retrieving images
  • Deploying applications

COURSE BD-05: Big Data Technologies Infrastructure Design  

This course provides an introduction to big data infrastructure for analytics. The focus is algorithm design and “thinking at scale”: we will cover data mining and machine learning techniques as applied to text, graphs, and relational data. Most of the course will be taught in a combination of MapReduce and Spark, two representative dataflow abstractions for large-scale data analysis, although we will introduce alternative abstractions such as bulk-synchronous parallel and streaming models as well.

KEY Learning 

  • By the end of the course, you will be able to implement basic data mining and machine learning algorithms that can operate at scale.
  • Effective algorithm design requires understanding the execution infrastructure and what the algorithms are used for
  • Develop deep understand of Big Data technology infrastructure
  • Data mining and machine learning techniques
  • Large-scale Data Analysis Techniques

Who should attend?
  • Senior Executives & Consultant drive key transformation projects for organization
  • Industry Professionals willing to develop career Big Data Analytics
  • IT Manager / Business Analyst / Database Admin

Course Pre-Requisites & Credit Hours

  • Basic Knowledge About Python And DataScience
  • Credit Hours – 160 (Lectures 80 hrs + 80 hrs Exercises & Examples )
  • Course Duration 4 Months

Educational approach
  • Lecture sessions are illustrated with case studies, practical questions and examples
  • Practical exercises include Machine Learning, AI examples and discussions
  • Install and Configure you Big Data, Machine Learning platform using industry famous tools

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