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Graphic Design Course – Adobe Illustrator – Photoshop (2 in 1) 🏷️

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Graphic Design Course – Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (2 in 1)

Explore the various ways of making your graphical work more professional with the Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Graphic Design Bundle Course. The Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Graphic Design bundle course can be your ultimate solution for graphical works. The Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Graphic Design course covers the essential tricks, features and tools of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator that you can use to create different graphical works such as website template, image editing, banner, flyer, logo, and more.

The Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Graphic Design course illustrate the major tools and features of these two software so that you can work with the software and can able to create both vector and raster images.

Graphic Design Course Learning Summary 

  • Basics of Graphic Design
  • Foundation in Design
  • Adobe Photoshop Basics
  • Designers go to Software
  • Adobe Illustrator Introduction and Typography
  • Creating Logos with Illustrator
  • Logo Design Basics
  • Adobe in Design and Print Work Introduction

Course Topics

Module-01  Working with Adobe Photoshop

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

  • Introduction of Adobe Photoshop
  • Processing Raw Images
  • What is the RAW Format
  • Understanding White Balance, Setting Exposure
  • Working with Color and Clarity
  • Working with Adobe Camera Raw

Updating Adobe Camera Raw

  • Using the Before and After Views
  • Resetting the Sliders
  • Understanding the Workflow Options
  • Setting the Camera Raw Preferences
  • Working with the Tools

Understanding the White Board Tool

  • Using the Color Sampler
  • Working with the Targeted Adjustment Tool
  • Cropping Images, Applying Straightening
  • Using the Spot Removal Tool, Applying the Red Eye Tool
  • Understanding the Adjustment Brush
  • Using the Graduated Filter, Applying the Radial Filter
  • Rotating Images,
  • Using Advanced Exposure Settings and Sharpening

Using Curves

  • Understanding Sharpening and Noise
  • Creating Grayscale Images
  • Using Split Toning
  • Managing Corrections and Effects

Enabling Lens Profiles

  • Using Effects, Adding Grain
  • Applying Post Crop Vignette
  • Using Camera Calibration, Saving Presets
  • Applying Snapshots, Creating Image Adjustments

Using Adjustment Layers

  • Painting Layer Masks
  • Discovering Plugins for Photoshop

Final Project 

Module-02  – Working with Illustrator

Illustrator Course Outline

  • The Power of Adobe illustrator
  • Achieve the best learning experience
  • Illustrator Fundamentals & Basics

Illustrator Documents

  • Ilustrator workspaces & Properties Panel
  • Artboards, Illustrator Navigation & zooming,
  • Illustrator Prefrences & Settings, Illustrator Basic geometric shapes
  • Illustrator Transformation & Rotation (resized)
  • Illustrator Pathfinder & shape builder tool, Illustrator Selection tools & methods
  • Grouping elements in illustrator, illustrator Layers & Arranging elements
  • Illustrator Align & distribute panel, Illustrator Gudies, Grids & Rulers
  • Excercise (layers, selection, pathfinder, guides, coloring, Artboards)
  • Colors, Appearance & Graphic Styles in Illustrator

Illustrator Stroke Panel

  • Illsutrator color panels ( color, swatches, themes, guide)
  • Illustrator Gradiant colors panel
  • Illustrator Appearane & Graphic style panels, Illustrator effects
  • Excercise (Appearance, Graphic Style, Gradients, strokes)
  • Drawing Tools & Techniques

Illustrator pencil tool

  • Illustrator Brush tool, Drawing modes & blob brush tool
  • Illustrator Pen Tools, Illustrator curvature tool
  • Pen Tools & curvature tool exercise, Illustrator drawing modifying tools
  • illustrator Transform & Liquify tools, illustrator puppet warp tool
  • illustrator envlope distort, Drawing Symmetric Shapes
  • Drawing Concentric Symmetrical design
  • Illustrator Clipping Masks, Illustrator Opacity Masks
  • illustrator live paint bucket tool, Recolor Artwork
  • Exercise Complex Drawing,
  • Illustrator Complex Drawing techniques explained, Illustrator Brushes

Illustrator Art Brushes

  • Illustrator Scatter Brush, illustrator Bristle Brush
  • Illustrator Calligraphic brush, Illustrator Pattern brush
  • Illustrator Images brushes
  • Exercise (Brushes)
  • Design With images in illustrator

Handling images in illustrator

  • images modifications before tracing
  • Tracing images in illustrator
  • Enhancing traced Vectors & coloring hints
  • Exercise (Images)

Illustrator Typography Anatomy & Character control

  • illustrator Paragraphes control
  • Illustrator Chracter & paragraph styles panels
  • Illustrator Fonts (Filtering, Variable, glyphs, stylistic sets, open type panel, svg)
  • illustrator Touch type tool, Illustrator type on a path tools
  • Clipping Typography Masks, Illustrator Typography Art directions & trending visual effects
  • illustrator type envlope distort, illustrator text wrap-Exercise (Typography Composition)
  • Illustrator Advanced Techniques & Tricks

Illustrator blend tool

  • illustrator perspective drawing
  • 67 Illustrator Symbols-Creating Patterns in Illustrator
  • illustrator Graphs, illustrator gradiant mesh
  • Exporting & Finalizing Artwork in illustrator

Exporting illustrator files & save for web

  • Preparing & exporting illustrator file for printing
  • Illustrator Asset Export panel
  • Creative cloud & libraries
  • Illustrator export for screens, save for web & Archiving files

Who is this course for?
The Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Graphic Design Bundle Course is open to all, with no formal entry requirements. All you need is a passion for learning

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