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Category Cyber Security | Information Security

  • Essentials for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection

    0 Lessons in  260,000

    Essentials for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Essentials for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection course empowers students with knowledge of the what and the how of the version 5/6/7 standards. The course addresses the role of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), and Regional Entities, provides multiple approaches for identifying and categorizing BES Cyber Systems, and helps asset owners determine the requirements applicable to specific implementations. Course Key Learnings:  BES Cyber System identification and strategies for lowering their impact rating Nuances of NERC defined terms and CIP standards applicability and how subtle changes in definitions can […]

  • Security Essentials for Managers

    0 Lessons in  260,000

    Security Essentials for Managers Security Essentials for Managers course empowers leaders responsible for securing critical infrastructure and operational technology environments. The course addresses the need for dedicated security programs, the teams that run them, and the skills required to map industrial cyber risk to business objectives to prioritize safety. This course will help you manage the people, processes, and technologies necessary to create and sustain lasting  cyber risk programs while promoting a culture of safety, reliability, and security Course Key Learnings: Develop ICS-specific cybersecurity programs and measure its impact across the organization Use management and leadership skills to communicate your […]

  • Cybersecurity In-Depth

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Cybersecurity In-Depth This is an advanced course that focuses on the engineering, implementation, and support of secure control system environments. The course concepts and learning objectives are primarily driven by the focus on hands-on labs. The in-classroom lab setup was developed to simulate a real-world environment where a controller is monitoring/controlling devices deployed in the field along with a field-mounted touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI) available for local personnel to make needed process changes Course Key Learnings: Learn active and passive methods to safely gather information about an ICS environment Identify vulnerabilities in ICS environments Determine how attackers can maliciously […]

  • Visibility, Detection & Response

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Visibility, Detection & Response Visibility, Detection, and Response will help you gain visibility and asset identification in your Industrial Control System (ICS)/Operational Technology (OT) networks, monitor for and detect cyber threats, deconstruct ICS cyber attacks to extract lessons learned, perform incident response, and take an intelligence-driven approach to executing a world-leading ICS cybersecurity program to ensure safe and reliable operations. Note: This class was previously named ICS515: ICS Active Defense and Incident Response. Course Key Learnings: Examine ICS networks and identify the assets and their data flows in order to understand the network information needed to identify advanced threats Use […]

  • SCADA Security Essentials

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    SCADA Security Essentials SCADA Security Essentials provides a foundational set of standardized skills and knowledge for industrial cybersecurity professionals. The course is designed to ensure that the workforce involved in supporting and defending industrial control systems is trained to keep the operational environment safe, secure, and resilient against current and emerging cyber threats. Course Key Learnings: An understanding of industrial control system components, purposes, deployments, significant drivers, and constraints. Hands-on lab learning experiences to control system attack surfaces, methods, and tools Control system approaches to system and network defense architectures and techniques Incident-response skills in a control system environment Governance […]

  • Enterprise Cloud Forensics and Incident Response

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Enterprise Cloud Forensics and Incident Response The world is changing and so is the data we need to conduct our investigations. Cloud platforms change how data is stored and accessed. They remove the examiner’s ability to put their hands directly on the systems. Many examiners are trying to force old methods for on-premise examination onto cloud hosted platforms. Rather than resisting change, examiners must learn to embrace the new opportunities presented to them in the form of new evidence sources. Enterprise Cloud Forensics and Incident Response addresses today’s need to bring examiners up to speed with the rapidly changing world […]

  • Enterprise Cloud Security Architecture

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Enterprise Cloud Security Architecture The age of cloud computing has arrived as organizations have seen the advantages of migrating their applications from traditional on-premises networks. However, the rapid adoption of cloud has left the cloud security architect scrambling to design on this new medium. A shift to the cloud requires cybersecurity professionals to reorient their security goals around a new threat model to enable business requirements while improving their organization’s security posture. This enterprise cloud security architecture training course will teach students to create secure identity and network patterns in the cloud in order to support business at any stage […]

  • Cloud Security Attacker Techniques, Monitoring, and Threat Detection

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Cloud Security Attacker Techniques, Monitoring, and Threat Detection The rapid adoption of cloud services has created exciting new business capabilities and new cyber-attack opportunities. To detect these threats, companies require skilled security analysts who understand attack techniques, perform cloud security monitoring and investigations, and detection capabilities across the organization. This course equips security analysts, detection engineers, and threat hunters with practical skills and knowledge to safeguard their organization’s cloud infrastructure against potential threats. Upon completion, you can apply these newfound skills to help keep your organization’s cloud infrastructure secure. Course Key Learnings How to research attacks and threats to cloud […]

  • Cloud Security DevSecOps Automation

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Cloud Security and DevSecOps Automation Organizations are moving to the cloud to enable digital transformation and reap the benefits of cloud computing. However, security teams struggle to understand the DevOps toolchain and how to introduce security controls in their automated pipelines responsible for delivering changes to cloud-based systems. Without effective pipeline security controls, security teams lose visibility into the changes released into production environments. SEC540 provides security professionals with a methodology to secure modern Cloud and DevOps environments Course Key Learnings: Understand how DevOps works and identify keys to success Wire security scanning into automated CI/CD pipelines and workflows Build […]

  • Application Security:Securing Web Apps APIs, and Microservices

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Application Security: Securing Web Apps, APIs, and Microservices Web Applications are increasingly distributed. What used to be a complex monolithic application hosted on premise has become a distributed set of services incorporating on-premise legacy applications along with interfaces to cloud-hosted and cloud-native components. Because of this coupled with a lack of security knowledge, web applications are exposing sensitive corporate data. Security professionals are asked to provide validated and scalable solutions to secure this content in line with best industry practices using modern web application frameworks. Attending this class will not only raise awareness about common security flaws in modern web […]

  • Public Cloud Security: AWS, Azure, and GCP

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Public Cloud Security: AWS, Azure, and GCP Organizations are becoming multi cloud by choice or by chance. However, although each cloud provider is responsible for the security of the cloud, its customers are responsible for what they do in the cloud. Unfortunately, this means that security professionals must support hundreds of different services across multiple clouds. Many of these services are insecure by default, and few of them are consistent across the different clouds. Security teams need a deep understanding of the of each cloud’s services to lock them down. As the multicloud landscape rapidly evolves, security is constantly playing […]

  • Cloud Security Essentials

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Cloud Security Essentials More businesses than ever are moving sensitive data and shifting mission-critical workloads to the cloud, and not just to one cloud service provider (CSP). Something that is unclear to many, is that organizations are still responsible for securing their data and mission-critical applications in the cloud. The benefits in terms of cost and speed of leveraging a multi cloud platform to develop and accelerate delivery of business applications and analyze customer data can quickly be reversed if security professionals are not properly trained to secure the organization’s cloud environment and investigate and respond to the inevitable security […]

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing and Security

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Introduction to Cloud Computing and Security Today’s world of cyber security moves quickly. Cloud security moves even faster, so getting started or moving into a career in this field can be intimidating if you do not have the foundation to be successful. This course solves this problem by helping you to learn the foundational elements of modern cloud computing and security. his course focuses on Azure and AWS, and shows you how to interact with each cloud provider by familiarizing you with common terminology, cloud services, security concerns, and solutions to cloud-based security shortcomings. Course Key Learnings: Make sense of […]

  • Vmware VCP -ICM -DCV 2023

    0 Lessons in , , ,  80,000

    VMware VCP -ICM -DCV 2023 The VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization 2023 (VCP-DCV 2023) certification validates an individual’s knowledge and skills with VMware vSphere solutions, including virtual machines, networking, and storage. Job-roles associated with this certification include virtualization administrators, system engineers, and consultants.(Online classes available) Why Should You Learn VMware Data Center Virtualization:  The VMware Data Center Virtualization: Core Technical Skills course offers numerous benefits. It enables you to optimize and manage virtual infrastructures, enhancing efficiency and productivity. It also imparts knowledge on how to deliver virtual desktops and applications through a single platform, and how to modernize data […]

  • Law of Data Security and Investigations

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Law of Data Security and Investigations New law on privacy, e-discovery and data security is creating an urgent need for professionals who can bridge the gap between the legal department and the cybersecurity team. This course provides this unique professional training, including skills in the analysis and use of contracts, policies, and records management procedures. Course Key Learnings: Choose words for better legal results in policies, contracts, and incidents Implement processes that yield defensible policies on security, e-records, and investigations Reduce risk in a world of vague laws on cyber crime and technology compliance Carry out investigations so that they […]

  • Auditing Systems, Applications, and the Cloud

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Auditing Systems, Applications, and the Cloud Performing IT security audits at the enterprise level can be an overwhelming task. It is difficult to know where to start and which controls should be audited first. Audits often focus on things that are not as important, wasting precious time and resources. Management is left in the dark about the real risk to the organization’s mission. Operations staff can’t use the audit report to reproduce or remediate findings. This course gives the student the tools, techniques and thought processes required to perform meaningful risk assessments and audits. Learn to use risk assessments to […]

  • Cyber Incident Management

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Cyber Incident Management If you are worried about leading or supporting a major cyber incident, then this is the course for you. You cannot predict or pick when your organization will face a major cyber incident, but you can choose how prepared you are when it happens. While there are broad technical aspects to cyber incidents there is also a myriad of other activities that generally fall to executives, managers, legal, press, and human relations staff. These include communicating both internally and externally, considering the battle rhythm, and a look at methodologies for tracking information gathered and released to the […]

  • Building and Leading Security Operations Centers

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Building and Leading Security Operations Centers If you are a SOC manager or leader looking to unlock the power of proactive, intelligence-informed cyber defense, then this is the perfect course for you! In a world where IT environments and threat actors evolve faster than many teams can track, position your SOC to defend against highly motivated threat actors. Highly dynamic modern environments require a cyber defense capability that is forward-looking, fast-paced, and intelligence-driven. This SOC manager training course will guide you through these critical activities from start to finish and teach you how to design defenses with your organization’s unique […]

  • Managing Cybersecurity Initiatives and Effective Communication

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Managing Cybersecurity Initiatives and Effective Communication Many cybersecurity professionals are highly technical but often unfamiliar with project management terminology, methodologies, resource management, and leading teams. Overseeing diverse groups of stakeholders and team members, estimating resources accurately, as well as analyzing risk as applied to different organizational structures and relationships is a struggle for many new technical project leaders. Today’s virtual work environment only increases these complexities Course Key Learnings:  Understand predictive / waterfall, adaptive / agile development approaches and how they interact with product and project life cycles. Learn how to use and implement lean / agile tools, complexity models, […]

  • Leading Cloud Security Design and Implementation

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Leading Cloud Security Design and Implementation While the cloud environment may appear similar to running a traditional IT environment on the premises, the cloud solutions protection requirements are in fact very different because the traditional network perimeter is no longer the best line of defense, and the threat vectors are not the same. Effective defense of the organization’s cloud environment requires significant planning and governance by a well-informed management team. This course provides the information security leader’s need to drive a secure cloud model and leapfrog on security to leverage the security capabilities in the cloud. Course Key Learnings: Define […]

  • Building and Leading Vulnerability Management Programs

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Building and Leading Vulnerability Management Programs Vulnerability, patch, and configuration management are not new enterprise security topics. In fact, they are some of the oldest security functions. Yet, we still struggle to manage security vulnerability capabilities effectively. The quantity of outstanding vulnerabilities for most enterprise organizations is overwhelming, and all organizations struggle to keep up with the never-ending onslaught of new security vulnerabilities in their infrastructure and applications. When you add in the cloud, and the increasing speed with which all organizations must deliver systems, applications, and features to both their internal and external customers, enterprise security may seem unachievable. […]

  • Security Strategic Planning, Policy, and Leadership

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Security Strategic Planning, Policy, and Leadership This cybersecurity strategy training course will equip leaders with the tools and skills to bridge the gap between security staff and senior leadership by strategically planning how to build and run effective security programs. Creating a security strategy, executing a plan that includes complete and sound policy coupled with top-notch leadership is hard for IT and security professionals because we spend so much time responding and reacting. This information security course will provide you with the tools to build a cybersecurity strategic plan, an entire IT security policy, and lead your teams in the […]

  • Purple Team Tactics - Adversary Emulation for Breach Prevention & Detection

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Purple Team Tactics – Adversary Emulation for Breach Prevention & Detection This course provides advanced purple team training, with a focus on adversary emulation for data breach prevention and detection. Throughout this course, students will learn how real-life threat actors can be emulated in a realistic enterprise environment, including multiple AD forests. In true purple fashion, the goal of the course is to educate students on how adversarial techniques can be emulated (manual and automated) and detected (use cases/rules and anomaly-based detection) Course Key Learnings: A course section on typical automation strategies such as Ansible, Docker and Terraform. These can […]

  • Security Automation for Offense, Defense, and Cloud

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Security Automation for Offense, Defense, and Cloud Security Automation for Offense, Defense, and Cloud will equip you with the expertise to apply automated solutions to prevent, detect, and respond to security incidents. Students first train to understand the concept of automation, then learn how existing technologies can be best leveraged to build automation stories that translate repeatable problems to automated scripts. Course Key Learnings:  Prevention, detection, and response for specific attack techniques used by real-world adversaries and penetration testers Offensive and defensive perspectives of these attack techniques through hands-on exercises How to translate repeatable activities into automated tasks How to […]

  • Defeating Advanced Adversaries - Purple Team Tactics & Kill Chain Defenses

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Defeating Advanced Adversaries – Purple Team Tactics & Kill Chain Defenses Defeating Advanced Adversaries – Purple Team Tactics & Kill Chain Defenses will arm you with the knowledge and expertise you need to overcome today’s threats. Recognizing that a prevent-only strategy is not sufficient, we will introduce security controls aimed at stopping, detecting, and responding to your adversaries through a purple team strategy. Course Key Learnnings: Leveraging MITRE ATT&CK as a “common language” in the organization Building your own Cuckoo sandbox solution to analyze payloads Developing effective group policies to improve script execution (including PowerShell, Windows Script Host, VBA, HTA, […]

  • Red Teaming Tools - Developing Windows Implants, Shellcode, Command and Control

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Red Teaming Tools – Developing Windows Implants, Shellcode, Command and Control This course prepares you to create custom-compiled programs specifically for Windows and introduces students to techniques that real nation-state malware authors are currently using. You will learn the essential building blocks for developing custom offensive tools through required programming, APIs used, and mitigations for techniques covering privilege escalation, persistence, and collection. Course Key Learnings: New calling conventions and data types specific to Windows How Windows processes, threads, and services work internally How to abuse Windows APIs to inject shellcode into other processes without detection How to create a hidden, […]

  • Red Team Operations and Adversary Emulation

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Red Team Operations and Adversary Emulation Develop and improve Red Team operations for security controls  through adversary emulation, cyber threat intelligence, Red Team tradecraft, and engagement planning. Learn how to execute consistent and repeatable Red Team engagements that are focused on the effectiveness of the people, processes, and technology used to defend environments. You Will Learn How To: Use threat intelligence to study adversaries for emulation Build an adversary emulation plan Map actions to MITRE® ATT&CK™ to aid in communicating with the Blue Team Establish resilient, advanced C2 infrastructure Maintain operational security throughout an engagement Leverage initial access to elevate […]

  • Wireless Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

    0 Lessons in ,  160,000

    Wireless Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking In this course, you will learn how to evaluate the ever-present cacophony of Wi-Fi networks and identify the Wi-Fi access points and client devices that threaten your organization; assess, attack, and exploit deficiencies in modern Wi-Fi deployments using WPA2 technology, including sophisticated WPA2-Enterprise networks; use your understanding of the many weaknesses in Wi-Fi protocols and apply it to modern wireless systems; and identify and attack Wi-Fi access points and exploit the behavioral differences in how client devices scan for, identify, and select access points. Course Key Learnings:  This course is designed for professionals seeking […]

  • IoT Penetration Testing

    0 Lessons in ,  160,000

    IoT Penetration Testing IoT Penetration Testing acilitates examining the entire IoT ecosystem, helping you build the vital skills needed to identify, assess, and exploit basic and complex security mechanisms in IoT devices. This course gives you tools and hands-on techniques necessary to evaluate the ever-expanding IoT attack surface. Skills Gained:  You will be able to: Assess IoT network-facing controls, web applications, and API endpoints with an IoT focus Examine hardware to discover functionality and find interaction points and use them to obtain data from the hardware Uncover firmware from hardware and other means, and explore it for secrets and implementation […]

  • Metasploit for Enterprise Penetration Testing

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Metasploit for Enterprise Penetration Testing In this course we  will teach you how to apply the incredible capabilities of the Metasploit Framework in a comprehensive penetration testing and vulnerability assessment regimen. In this course, you will learn how Metasploit can fit into your day-to-day penetration testing assessment activities. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the Metasploit Framework far beyond how to exploit a remote system. You’ll also explore exploitation, post-exploitation reconnaissance, token manipulation, spear-phishing attacks, and the rich feature set of the Meterpreter, a customized shell environment specially created for exploiting and analyzing security flaws. Course Key Learnings Many enterprises […]

  • IOS and Android Application Security Analysis and Penetration Testing

    0 Lessons in ,  160,000

    IOS and Android Application Security Analysis and Penetration Testing This course will prepare you to effectively evaluate the security of iOS and Android mobile devices, assess and identify flaws in mobile applications, and conduct a mobile device penetration test, which are all critical skills required to protect and defend mobile device deployments. You will learn how to pen test the biggest attack surface in your organization; dive deep into evaluating mobile apps and operating systems and their associated infrastructure; and better defend your organization against the onslaught of mobile device attacks. Course Key Learnings: Learn How to Pen Test the […]

  • Combating Supply Chain Attacks with Product Security Testing

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Combating Supply Chain Attacks with Product Security Testing Attackers are using new methods of compromising software supply chains that bypass traditional security controls across multiple attack surfaces. Omni offers comprehensive training, equipping you with the technical expertise to conduct precise product security assessments and risk analysis. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to protect your digital assets in a rapidly changing threat landscape.(Online Classes Available) Course Key Learnings: Windows OS basics Linux OS basics Android OS basics How to conduct efficient internet searching Networking fundamental concepts How to decrypt networking traffic How to build custom Scapy networking layers How to […]

  • Blockchain and Smart Contract Security

    0 Lessons in ,  360,000

    Blockchain and Smart Contract Security You will learn all topics relevant to securing, hacking, and using blockchain and smart contract technology. The course takes a detailed look at the technology that underpins multiple implementations of blockchain, the cryptography and transactions behind them, the various smart contract languages like Solidity and Rust, and the protocols built with them like NFTs, DeFi, and Web3 Course Key Learnings: Interact with and get data from public blockchains Exploit several types of smart contract vulnerabilities Test and exploit weak cryptography/entropy Discover and re-create private keys Understand what cryptojackers do and how to trace and track […]

  • Social Engineering for Security Professionals

    0 Lessons in ,  160,000

    Social Engineering for Security Professionals This course will prepare you to add social engineering skills to your security strategy. In this course, you will learn how to perform recon on targets using a wide variety of sites and tools, create and track phishing campaigns, and develop media payloads that effectively demonstrate compromise scenarios. You will also learn how to conduct pretexting exercises, and you will put what you have learned into practice with a fun Capture-the-Human exercise.(Online classes available) Course Key Learnings: The psychological underpinnings of social engineering How to successfully execute your first social engineering test in your company […]

  • Cloud Penetration Testing

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Cloud Penetration Testing will equip you with the latest cloud-focused penetration testing techniques and teach you how to assess cloud environments. The course dives into topics like cloud-based microservices, in-memory data stores, serverless functions, Kubernetes meshes, and containers. It also looks at how to identify and test cloud-first and cloud-native applications. You will also learn specific tactics for penetration testing in Azure and Amazon Web Services, particularly important given that AWS and Microsoft account for more than half the market. It is one thing to assess and secure a data center, but it takes a specialized skill set to evaluate […]

  • ARM Exploit Development

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    ARM Exploit Development This Course designed to break down the complexity of exploit development and the difficulties with analyzing software that runs on IoT devices. Students will learn how to interact with software running in ARM environments and write custom exploits against known IoT vulnerabilities.(Online course available) Course Key Learnings: Techniques for running ARM in an emulated environment The fundamentals of ARM assembly How to write ARM exploits to leverage stack-based buffer overflows Exploit mitigations and common workarounds How to work with ARM shellcode Return Oriented Programming (ROP) How to exploit IoT devices in ARM 64-bit ARM exploit development Course […]

  • Advanced Exploit Development for Penetration Testers

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Advanced Exploit Development for Penetration Testers You will learn the skills required to reverse-engineer applications to find vulnerabilities, perform remote user application and kernel debugging, analyze patches for one-day exploits, perform advanced fuzzing, and write complex exploits against targets such as the Windows kernel and the modern Linux heap, all while circumventing or working with against cutting-edge exploit mitigation.(Online classes available) Course Key Learnings:  How to write modern exploits against the Windows 10 and 11 operating systems. How to perform exploit development techniques such as advanced fuzzing, kernel and driver exploitation, one-day exploitation through patch analysis, Linux heap overflows, and […]

  • Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploit Writing, and Ethical Hacking

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploit Writing, and Ethical Hacking This course provides you with in-depth knowledge of the most prominent and powerful attack vectors and furnishes an environment to perform these attacks in numerous hands-on scenarios. The course goes far beyond simple scanning for low-hanging fruit and teaches you how to model the abilities of an advanced attacker to find significant flaws in a target environment.(Online classes available) Course Key Learnings:  Perform fuzz testing to enhance your company’s SDL process. Exploit network devices and assess network application protocols. Escape from restricted environments on Linux and Windows. Test cryptographic implementations. Model the […]

  • Advanced Information Security Automation with Python

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Advanced Information Security Automation with Python This course is designed as the logical progression point for students who have completed  Automating Information Security with Python, or for those who are already familiar with basic Python programming concepts. This  course jumps immediately into advanced concepts. It looks at coding techniques used by popular open-source information security packages and how to apply them to our own Python cybersecurity projects. Course Key Learnings: New pyWars features, virtual environments, and VSCode How to use unit testing to evaluate code in development Python object-oriented coding Decorators Iterators Context managers Data descriptors Object attribute security and […]

  • Applied Data Science and AI/Machine Learning for Cybersecurity Professionals

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Applied Data Science and AI/Machine Learning for Cybersecurity Professionals This course provides students with a crash-course introduction to practical data science, statistics, probability, and machine learning. The course is structured as a series of short discussions with extensive hands-on labs that help students to develop useful intuitive understandings of how these concepts relate and can be used to solve real-world problems. If you’ve never done anything with data science or machine learning but want to use these techniques, this is definitely the course for you! Course Key  Learnings:  Apply statistical models to real world problems in meaningful ways Generate visualizations […]

  • Advanced Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Advanced Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis With Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) being the engine of most major investigations in this digital age the need for a more advanced course was imminent. The data in almost every OSINT investigation becomes more complex to collect, exploit and analyze. For this OSINT practitioners all around the world have a need for performing OSINT at scale and means and methods to check and report on the reliability of their analysis for sound and unbiased reports. Course Key Learnings: Structured intelligence analysis Rating the reliability of information and its sources Researching sensitive and secretive groups […]

  • Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering: Implementing Zero Trust for the Hybrid Enterprise

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering: Implementing Zero Trust for the Hybrid Enterprise This course is designed to help students build and maintain a truly defensible security architecture, while taking them on a journey towards implementing Zero Trust principles, pillars and capabilities. There will be a heavy focus on leveraging current infrastructure and investment. Students will learn how to assess, re-configure and validate existing technologies to significantly improve their organizations’ prevention, detection and response capabilities, augment visibility, reduce attack surface, and even anticipate attacks in innovative ways. The course will also delve into some of the latest technologies and their capabilities, […]

  • Security Automation with PowerShell

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Security Automation with PowerShell Do you wish you could detect and respond at the same pace as your adversaries who are breaking into and moving within the network. Defensive PowerShell teaches deep automation and defensive capabilities using PowerShell. Come join us and learn how to automate everything from regular hardening and auditing tasks to advanced defenses. This course will provide you with skills for near real-time detection and response and elevate your defenses to the next level. Course Key Learnings: PowerShell scripting fundamentals from the ground up with respect to the capabilities of PowerShell as a defensive toolset Ways to […]

  • Automating Information Security with Python

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Automating Information Security with Python The challenges faced by security professionals are constantly evolving, so there is a huge demand for those who can understand a technology problem and quickly develop a solution. If you have to wait on a vendor to develop a tool to recover a forensics artifact, or to either patch or exploit that new vulnerability, then you will always be behind. It is no longer an option for employers serious about information security to operate without the ability to rapidly develop their own tools. This course will give you the skills to develop solutions so that […]

  • Advanced Security Essentials - Enterprise Defender

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Advanced Security Essentials – Enterprise Defender Become an Enterprise Defender! Enhance your knowledge and skills in the specific areas of network architecture defense, penetration testing, security operations, digital forensics and incident response, and malware analysis. : Advanced Security Essentials – Enterprise Defender is an essential course for members of security teams of all sizes. That includes smaller teams where you wear several (or all) hats and need a robust understanding of many facets of cybersecurity, and larger teams where your role is more focused, and gaining skills in additional areas adds to your flexibility and opportunities. This course concentrates on […]

  • Practical Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Practical Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) This course not only covers critical OSINT tools and techniques, it also provides real-world examples of how they have been used to solve a problem or further an investigation. Hands-on labs based on actual scenarios provide students with the opportunity to practice the skills they learn and understand how those skills can help in their research.(Online Classes available) Course Key Learnings: Perform a variety of OSINT investigations while practicing good OPSEC Create sock puppet accounts Locate information on the internet, including some hard-to-find and deleted information Locate individuals online and examine their online presence Understand and […]

  • Blue Team Fundamentals: Security Operations and Analysis

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Blue Team Fundamentals: Security Operations and Analysis This Course provides students with technical knowledge and key concepts essential for security operation center (SOC) analysts and new cyber defense team members. By providing a detailed explanation of the mission and mindset of a modern cyber defense operation, this course will jumpstart and empower those on their way to becoming the next generation of blue team members. Course Key Learnings If you are working in cyber defense operations, building a SOC, or want to improve the SOC you already with better data, workflow, and analysis technique, SEC450 is the course for you! […]

  • Securing Windows and PowerShell Automation

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Securing Windows and PowerShell Automation Want to block Windows attacks, thwart the lateral movement of hackers inside your LAN, and prevent administrative credential theft? And you want to have fun learning PowerShell scripting at the same time? Then this is the course for you! you will learn how to use PowerShell to automate Windows security and harden PowerShell itself. No prior PowerShell scripting experience is required to take the course because you will learn PowerShell along the way. We will even write a PowerShell ransomware script together in a lab in order to implement better ransomware defense. (Online classes available) […]

  • SIEM With Tactical Analytics

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    SIEM With Tactical Analytics Many organizations have logging capabilities but lack the people and processes to analyze them. In addition, logging systems collect vast amounts of data from a variety of data sources which require an understanding of the sources for proper analysis. This class is designed to provide training, methods, and processes for enhancing existing logging solutions. This class will also provide the understanding of the when, what, and why behind the logs. (Online classes available) Course Key Learnings emonstrate ways most SIEMs commonly lag current open-source solutions (e.g. ELK) Bring students up to speed on SIEM use, architecture, […]

  • Advanced Network Forensics- Threat Hunting, Analysis, and Incident Response

    0 Lessons in ,  260,000

    Advanced Network Forensics- Threat Hunting, Analysis, and Incident Response Whether you handle an intrusion incident, data theft case, employee misuse scenario, or are engaged in proactive adversary discovery, the network often provides an unparalleled view of the incident. SANS FOR572 covers the tools, technology, and processes required to integrate network evidence sources into your investigations to provide better findings, and to get the job done faster. Course Key Learnings Extract files from network packet captures and proxy cache files, allowing follow-on malware analysis or definitive data loss determinations Use historical NetFlow data to identify relevant past network occurrences, allowing accurate […]


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  • ONLINE INQUIRY: Call/WhatsApp +92 312 2169325, 0334-318-2845, Lahore 0333-3808376, Islamabad 0331-3929217, Saudi Arabia 050 2283468
  • DHA Branch: 14-C, Saher Commercial Area, Phase VII, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi-75500 Pakistan. 0213-5344600, 0337-7222-191, 0333-3808-376
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