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Full Stack Web development With E-commerce Project – International Students 🌎

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by gharis
Price: 160,000
6 Months
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Web Developer Course

Full Stack Development Course With PHP My SQL – eCommerce Store Project

(For International Students)

Web Developer Bootcamp 8 modules full-stack master course, the only course you need to learn complete web development, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, eCommerce Website (All-in-One Course), build your eCommerce store from Scratch. There are many options for web developer training, but this course is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and effective on the market. A “beginner-friendly” course design for step-by-step learning.  This is a course designed for the complete beginner to an expert web developer level, covers the most exciting and relevant topics in the industry. (online class available)

 Course Summary

  • This Web Development all-in-one course is ideal for all age groups wanted to learn from basic to advance.
  • In This Course, you will build an e-commerce Store With PHP From Scratch
  • The course starts with the basic concepts of website design and development, with an overview of WordPress, eCommerce, PHP, MySQL database, and modern industry concepts – includes mostly used web development applications and design tips & techniques to make you a true professional.
  • With build projects, including an Online Shopping Store, No other course will cover web development in its full details with a step-by-step learning.
  • After completing the course start your career as a web developer/freelance web developer.

Course Key Content

Module 01  Introduction to Programming

  • Programming Fundamentals
  • What is Coding?
  • Programming Syntax Examples

Module 02 – HTML 5 “HyperText Markup Language”

  • Essential HTML elements (headings, paragraphs, anchors, images, etc)
  • Containers (div and span)
  • Semantic HTML5 elements (main, section, article, etc)
  • Lists (unordered, ordered, and description lists)
  • Tables
  • Forms and input controls
  • Elements for embedding media (picture, video, and audio)
  • HTML Validation
  • Forms
  • Project (Building a layout of E-commerce Store)

Module 03 – Responsive Design CSS 3 and Bootstrap 

  • Normalizing CSS
  • Selectors & pseudo-selectors
  • Selectors specificity
  • Essential CSS properties (color, padding, margin, border, shadow, etc)
  • The box model
  • Positioning (absolute, relative, static, sticky, fixed)
  • Overflowing
  • Flex
  • Grids
  • Media queries
  • Working with Bootstrap: Reviewing basic styles and typography
  • Working with classes
  • Using form styles
  • Working with interactive components in bootstrap
  • Projects(Adding CSS and Bootstrap In Your E-commerce Store)

Module-3 JavaScript and JQuery 

  • Introduction To JavaScript
  • Variables and constants
  • Arrays
  • Objects
  • Functions
  • Value and reference types
  • Operators
  • Conditional statements
  • Loops
  • Starting with Selectors
  • Working On Events
  • Hide/Show
  • Fade
  • Using Slides
  • Starting Animations
  • Stop Animations
  • HTML Get Content and Attributes
  • HTML Set Content and Attributes
  • HTML Add Elements/Content
  • HTML Remove Elements/Content
  • Dimensions
  • Traversing Ancestors
  • Traversing Descendants
  • Traversing Siblings
  • Traversing Filtering
  • Filters
  • Project (Including JavaScript and JQuery in your Store)

Module 04-1 WordPress Web Development – Introduction

  • Introduction to website development
  • Understanding WordPress Content Management System – CMS
  • Getting Started with WordPress
  • What are WordPress and its advantages

Module 04-2 Configuring WordPress Theme Setups

  • Setting up WordPress
  • Download WordPress FREE themes
  • Logging in the WordPress admin area
  • Familiarise with the WordPress Dashboard
  • Editing the user profile
  • Configuring the Dashboard settings

Module 04-3 Customizing WordPress

  • Installing and activating themes
  • Exploring the themes option
  • Installing plugins and using them
  • Info about various widgets and working with them
  • Setting up the custom background and header images
  • Creating custom menus and custom widgets

Module 04-4 Launching Your WordPress Site

  • Launching Your WordPress Site and After work
  • Submitting the site to search engines
  • Managing WordPress users and permission levels
  • Managing comments and controlling spam

Module 05- Introduction to PHP and MySQL

  • Set up a PHP Web Server
  • Integrate PHP with HTML code
  • Call PHP Pages from HTML
  • Setup MySQL database
  • Connecting PHP Application with MySQL
  • Learning MySQL Database Management for PHP Application

Module 06- PHP programming  

  • Use the echo() and print() functions
  • Integrate HTML with echo() and print() functions
  • Declare and use constants
  • Declare and initialize PHP variables
  • Understand the type of values held in PHP variables
  • Use arithmetic operators to perform math functions
  • Use comparison operators to make logical comparisons
  • Understand basic if statement
  • Create complex if statements that facilitate multiple outcomes
  • Use the PHP switch statement
  • Work with while loops.
  • Identify when a do…while loop is appropriate and use it
  • Code a for loop
  • Create simple arrays
  • Use string functions to manipulate strings

Module 07- PHP programming (advanced) 

  • Write simple functions
  • Write functions that take arguments and return a value
  • Read and write text files to the server
  • Read, write and parse CSV files
  • Pass session variables between PHP pages
  • Send plain text and HTML emails using PHP
  • Store data in the MySQL database
  • Retrieve data from the MySQL database
  • Modify and delete MySQL database data.

Module 07 Creating eCommerce Store (using PHP and MySQL database) From Scratch 

  • Introduction Section
  • Making E-Commerce Store Dynamic Through PHP My Admin
  • Creation A Complete Admin Panel For Modern E-Commerce Store
  • Converting The Static Boxes Into Dynamic Form
  • Making A Terms And Conditions Page
  • Changing CSS3 Styles Through Admin Panel
  • Creating Advance Filters In javascript, jquery And ajax
  • Making Labels/Sale Price For Products Or Bundles And Updating quantity In Cart
  • Making Coupon Code System For Products And Bundles.
  • Making Custom SEO Friendly URL For Products And Bundles.
  • Making Custom Products And Bundles Icons.
  • Making Tabs System For Products/Bundles And Videos.
  • Making Bundle For Multiple Products.
  • Making Forgot Password, Password strength, Tick&Cross Checker System
  • Making Google Recaptcha Verification System.
  • Making Email Confirmation System.
  • Making A Dynamic Contact Us Page With Multiple Functionalities.
  • Making The About Us Page With Its Functionalities.
  • Making A Services Page With Its Functionalities.
  • Making A Wishlist Functionality.
  • Making Paypal Integration.
  • fixing Some Bugs-errors / And Making passwords Hashing-Encrypted System.
  • Making Ecommerce Store Usable Both For Digital And Physical Products.
  • Making Ecom Store Shipping Functionality for front end/Admin panel.
  • Creating Admin Panel From Scratch
  • Making Ecom Store Completely New Checkout Page For Displaying Products And Order.
  • Working On New Orders System And completing it.
  • Fixing some bugs/errors and completing the updates.

Course Perquisites:

  • There are no perquisites for this course you can start from zero with a good computer and with a good internet connection

International Student Fee : 930 USD

Flexible Class Options

  • Week End Classes For Professionals  SAT | SUN
  • Corporate Group Trainings Available
  • Online Classes – Live Virtual Class (L.V.C), Online Training

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